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Veterinary cloud-based software – what’s next?

Cloud software management systems have a recent history in veterinary practices. It’s only been some years since this kind of system entered the market. While some business owners jumped in and enjoyed all the advantages (and there are a few, check here) this solution has to offer, some preferred the old way of doing things. New practice management systems offer some advantages that…

Veterinary team struggles and signs you shouldn’t ignore

Caring about your team members should be on your daily to-do list. There will always be team members’ struggles and signs you shouldn’t ignore. What are they and how can you help? As a team leader, you have to get to know every single one of your employees and notice when something is different and they are not…

What veterinarians should know about millennial pet parents

In the new era, phone calls and direct appointments tend to become a thing of the past. That’s because nowadays, technology offers pet parents new and more convenient ways to get in touch with their veterinarians. So, let’s talk about what veterinarians should know about millennial pet parents. Did you know that the millennial generation…

Mobile vets: benefits for pets and their parents

Veterinary mobile clinics offer the opportunity to observe and treat an animal in its home, which can result in more comprehensive care. Let’s see what are the benefits that mobile vets can offer to pets and their parents. 👌 Full focus on the pet There is no chance that someone interrupts your consult because of an emergency…
What to think about before starting your mobile practice

What to think about before starting your mobile practice

Pet parents looking for convenience made veterinary practitioners come up with a new business model – mobile vet practices. While starting a mobile vet practice may sound easier than a brick-and-mortar, it’s important to do your homework and know what to expect before getting started! The truth is that it is a more affordable option…
Digitail partners with Talkatoo

Digitail partners with Talkatoo

It’s time to step up your typing skills 👌 At Digitail, we always look for and find the BEST solutions for veterinary practices. You already know and experience for yourself the importance of keeping patient records. In some cases, there is a lot of information that you need to write down. Maybe sometimes you skip…

Wellness Plans – What are they?

We know that for pet parents, the well-being of their furry children is of the utmost importance. We already know how to ensure this well-being, and we can do it by PREVENTION. With the help of prevention, we can prevent some diseases and enhance the quality of life for our furry friends. By extending the…

Best practices for creating Wellness Plans

In our previous article, we explained what are the Wellness Plans in veterinary medicine. Next, we will see what we need to take into account and what are the best practices when creating them. There are only 4 steps to building successful Wellness Plans: 1. Defining the packages What do we need to take into account?…