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About Us

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Founded in 2018 by Sebastian Gabor and Ruxandra Pui, Digitail is an all-in-one, cloud-based practice management software for veterinary clinics with a native pet parent app and an integrated AI Assistant.



One day, two brilliant minds, seasoned software developers, and savvy entrepreneurs with over 100 successful products in their portfolio, took a plunge into the world of animal healthcare. As they witnessed the hustle and bustle of veterinary life, they couldn’t help but wonder: in a world where we can order food with a tap and summon rides with a swipe, why are the tools used in pet care the same as in 1990?

Now, these weren’t just tech geeks; they were huge pet lovers, too. Beyond the outdated software and administrative inefficiencies, they saw an opportunity to enhance the communication between vets and pet parents and modernize the delivery of veterinary care.

And so, the lightbulb moment wasn’t just about improving workflows; it was about creating a bridge of understanding between the vet and the pet parent. This is how Digitail was conceived – born out of the love for pets and the desire to make the veterinary experience better for everyone involved.



Digitizing pet care. Working together with veterinary professionals to build a robust and user-friendly tool that the healthcare teams actually love using. In other words, integrating expertise and technology – a match made in vet practice heaven 😻

Digitail is an all-in-one practice management software that saves time, money, and brain matter. Go from tedious phone calls to online booking, from sticky notes to in-app notifications, and from drowning in paperwork to completing medical records in seconds. Enjoy the help of your personal AI assistant, Tails, designed to take patient care, practice efficiency, and client engagement to a whole new level.



Digitail’s promise to veterinary hospitals: Experiences, modern. Practice, elevated. Income, activated.

Our commitment goes beyond just enhancing practice standards; it taps into deeper values. It’s about leveraging technology to achieve professional fulfillment, enjoy a healthy work-life balance, and free up precious time for what truly matters: helping patients.

Over 1,000 animal hospitals in 40 countries rely on Digitail to streamline their workflows and keep their teams and clients happy. We’re here for your long-term success and we’re committed to helping you achieve more!


Our Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs and driving principles that shape every facet of our culture.

  • Customer Super Passion
  • Caring About Each Other
  • Ownership
  • Higher Purpose
  • Growth Mindset

We’re a bunch of purpose-driven veterinary professionals, workflow consultants, and pet parents on a mission to modernize pet care. Digitail is a multicultural and inclusive company full of talented individuals advancing a future where technology works seamlessly for those who dedicate their passion to the well-being of animals – wherever they are.

A single software to achieve
more with less work

Digitail is the all-in-one cloud platform that allows you to run your entire practice with one single tool. We are your trusted partner to enhance patient engagement, streamline your processes, and grow your practice.