It’s time to step up your typing skills 👌

At Digitail, we always look for and find the BEST solutions for veterinary practices.

You already know and experience for yourself the importance of keeping patient records. In some cases, there is a lot of information that you need to write down. Maybe sometimes you skip this step and you start writing all that happened after the patient is stable and maybe not even in your clinic anymore.

Some of us, either stay in the clinic after hours to write everything about a patient, or we spend time at home writing all that is necessary. ?

It’s 2020, it’s the perfect moment to value your free time, and also, it’s the best moment to be the best at your job, without worrying about forgetting details.

It’s best practice to write things down, exactly when they happen. That’s how you make sure you don’t miss any important piece of information. With so much going on, it can be difficult to find time for note-taking and record-keeping at all. How would it be if you could have everything written down in real-time? We know how it would be and we want you to know it too!

Here it comes: We have partnered up with Talkatoo!

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Talkatoo is changing the way that you document your medical records, by allowing you to dictate directly into your practice management software. How cool is that?!

Talkatoo is making dictation as simple as possible, simply click into any field on your computer where you can type, begin speaking, and just like that, you’re taking your notes (at least!) 5x faster. Is there anything better than speed and effectiveness when it comes to working as a vet? We thought so! ??

Here are some other advantages when using this new tool:

🦜 Talkatoo is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, so there is no expensive boxed software to purchase or upgrade. And it works with the tools you already have!

🦜 Talkatoo can understand and process up to 200 words per minute, five times as fast as the average person can type.

🦜 Because Talkatoo works in any field, you can use it in your PMS, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, email, or wherever you want to type.

Check out how simple it is 👇