What to think about before starting your mobile practice

What to think about before starting your mobile practice

Pet parents looking for convenience made veterinary practitioners come up with a new business model – mobile vet practices. While starting a mobile vet practice may sound easier than a brick-and-mortar, it’s important to do your homework and know what to expect before getting started!

The truth is that it is a more affordable option when you are in the beginning, and it still can be cheaper for you after (for once, you won’t have to pay for rent).

What to think about before getting started:

✨ Being all in

Clients expect you to be all in for their pet. They open the door of their home and many of them will consider you their friend – this is the best opportunity for the best relationship with pet parents, but also, it can be a trap and that’s how we get to the next point (did we make you curios now? ?)

✨ Putting boundaries in place

Once you open a mobile veterinary business, you want it to work, of course, and you might be tricked into giving it more than you have.

Don’t give up on rest just to please your clients and keep in mind that mobile vet does not mean mobile phone.

Such a business model does not mean you have to go great distances to meet your patients. That’s why you have to establish an area for you to cover.

Make sure you offer your clients the right tools to contact you (chat, online appointments, etc.) and that they know up-front what is the area that you cover and the services you offer. Always make sure you respect your work time and your off time. If you respect it, your clients will respect it too.

✨ Having a stable Veterinary practice to send your clients to (when the need arises)

A partnership with an emergency center can prove to be lifesaving for your patients.  A good partnership will make your clients think they’re an extension of your services.

It can be reassuring for them to know they have where to go if something happens to their pet during your off time. Also, it can be an additional revenue stream for you.

✨ Using a PMS to help you save time and establish/maintain the best VCPR

The importance and benefits of using a PMS nowadays have a growing role for vets.

Having a cloud-based PMS is mandatory – first because you can’t afford to use up the space of your mobile clinic with unnecessary equipment.

You can’t have the same staff as you’d have in a stable veterinary practice, so veterinary practice management software is a must for you to be as organized as you can be.

With Digital, all you need is a phone/tablet/laptop, and you’re good to go.

Features such as the ones below will definitely make your life easier:

👌 telemedicine

👌 chat

👌 accounting integration

👌 reports

👌 online booking system

👌 pet portal/app for pet parents

👌 treatment sheets

Mobile veterinary practitioners can be incredibly diverse in what services they deliver, how they deliver them, and the available resources. The demand for mobile veterinary practices is growing worldwide as pet parents are looking for pet care without leaving home.