Success Stories


Revolutionizing Veterinary Record-Keeping: Dr. Sorbo’s Success with Tails AI

As a roving veterinarian, Dr. Kristian Sorbo has seen it all; having practiced in dozens of hospitals, he knows what truly sets the great ones apart. He now serves as the medical director at Mill Brook Animal Clinic, a full-service hospital in Arlington, Massachusetts. Passionate about providing exceptional customer service and quality pet care, Dr….

How AcharaVet Boosted Productivity by 30% and Supercharged Team Happiness with Digitail

Imagine this scenario – a busy two-doctor practice, one vet suddenly has to take a sick day, leaving the other with double the workload. You’d think she’d face a whirlwind of a day, working late into the night just to keep up. But here’s the plot twist: she manages to see every patient, finish on…

How Paumanok Veterinary Hospital Harnessed AI to Reclaim 50 Hours Per Week

Paumanok Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1992 by a veterinarian couple, Dr. David R. Hensen and Dr. Deirdre Hensen, showing how love and business can create something wonderful together. Its name, “Paumanok,” holds cultural significance, derived from a Native American term for Long Island, signifying “island in the shape of a fish.”  Deeply rooted in…

AI Unleashes Veterinary Fluency: Translating Care Across Cultures

Written by Dr. William Tancredi “The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug.”  -Mark Twain I think I speak English reasonably well. It’s my native language, and I had the good fortune of a good education. While I take some liberties with grammar rules and…

Supporting Quality Veterinary Education and Faculty Experience with Digitail

Established in 1992, the University of Namibia (UNAM) is the country’s largest higher education institution, consistently ranked among Africa’s best. It is a unique and diverse organization with over 31,000 students from 41 countries. Its School of Veterinary Medicine was established in 2016 and offers a six-year Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine program following the World…

Digitail 2023: A Year of Tech, Triumphs, and Transformation

Innovating Veterinary Care, One Less Click at a Time This year, Digitail solidified its role in shaping modern veterinary practices. Through thoughtful innovation and strategic collaborations, we’ve enhanced the integration of technology in veterinary care, fostering a community where efficiency meets empathy. This approach not only elevates the standard of pet care but also helps to enrich the…

Veterinary United Chooses Digitail to Build a Resilient Future

Veterinary United, an inspiring success story, began as a family business and grew into a leading network of veterinary hospitals in Southeastern Michigan. But their journey wasn’t without its hurdles. The group faced daunting operational challenges, especially as it expanded. The solution? A strategic partnership with Digitail. Digitail emerged as the solution Veterinary United needed….

The Woof Doctor on Wheels and Digitail: Partners in High-Tech Mobile Vet Care

In 2020, Dr. Douglas Cifranick introduced his innovative 26-foot mobile veterinary clinic, the Woof Doctor on Wheels. Rolling through South Carolina, he and his team have delivered quality veterinary care to pets at their doorsteps. But what sets him apart? It’s his collaboration with Digitail, which supports his unique tech-forward approach, that continues to take…