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A robust PIMS, popular integrations, native Pet Parent App and customized dashboards & reporting.

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Streamline processes and get more time with your patients!

  • Complete check-in / check-out process from one single screen
  • Easy scheduling, online appointments & personalized reminders
  • Automate everything with record templates, digital certificates, and 1-click invoicing
  • Integrated online payments and real-time charges
  • Efficient, real-time stock management (plus Vetcove integration)

Improve compliance and drive better medical outcomes for all your patients, at once.

  • Personalized notifications & reminders
  • Custom SOAP templates & standard of care
  • Remote monitoring & follow-ups
  • Chat & Video consultations
  • Client education & curated resources in the Pet Parent App

Take client engagement and communication to the next level, with a dedicated App.

  • Offer online booking (and reduce phone calls!)
  • E-signatures, automatic certificates & discharge notes
  • Streamline prescription requests & client questions
  • Digital medical records & history, in one App

Track & understand your data with real-time insights. Set & monitor the right KPIs!

  • Financial, operational, client & medical reports with daily or weekly summaries sent directly to your email
  • Advanced reporting & customized dashboards
  • Identify and solve bottle necks in your workflow
  • Oopsie report (so you can keep everything in check)

Discover the only all-in-one
software for animal hospitals

Great business starts
with the right partner

Client Care

The one tool you need to stay in touch with your clients, improve compliance & build long-term relationships, with no extra effort.

Ongoing Success

Set KPIs and achieve the best business outcomes with the help of your Success Manager and customized dashboards that track the right things.

Training & Support

Get a personalized onboarding & training for your practice’s needs. From data migration to post go-live help, we’ve got you covered.

The all-in-one veterinary software
that you can trust and grow with


Health records

You can have it all – collaborative records, SOAP templates, integrations, automation, and more.


Online appointments

Reduce phone calls with your own personalized booking system!



Be ready for check-out with automatic invoicing, and quick & integrated payments. Downpayments, split payments, refunds.


Stock management

Kick inventory stress to a curb and keep your stock up to date, in real-time.


Pet parent app

Offer the vet-in-your-pocket experience to your clients with a dedicated app. Reminders, medical records, invoices – they also have it all-in-one.


Chat & Telemedicine

Stay in touch with your patients with chat, telehealth & telemedicine! Save time on triage, general advice, post-surgery care, or follow-ups.



Advanced reporting on finances, stock, appointments, clients & more – at your fingertips.


Data migration

Your data comes with you! We offer smooth data migration, cleaning & standardization so you feel that you’ve been using Digitail since the first day.

A single software to achieve
more with less work

Digitail is the all-in-one cloud platform that allows you to run your entire practice with one single tool. We are your trusted partner to enhance patient engagement, streamline your processes, and grow your practice.

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