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True or False: AI Myths and Realities in Veterinary Medicine

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How AcharaVet Boosted Productivity by 30% and Supercharged Team Happiness with Digitail

Imagine this scenario – a busy two-doctor practice, one vet suddenly has to take a sick day, leaving the other with double the workload. You’d think she’d face a whirlwind of a day, working late into the night just to keep up. But here’s the plot twist: she manages to see every patient, finish on…

The Tiny Lifeline of a Pet Microchip

Microchipping a pet might seem minor, but its significance is anything but. In the world of pet care, this tiny device plays a pivotal role, acting as a beacon that guides lost pets back to their families. Yet, the effectiveness of a microchip is not solely in its technological marvel but in the details it…

Every Scan Counts: The Community’s Role in Pet Microchipping

Imagine the heart-wrenching moment of realizing your beloved pet has gone missing. The panic, the worry, and the desperate search can be overwhelming. Now, imagine a simple, tiny chip that holds the power to bring your furry friend back home. Microchipping has revolutionized pet safety, turning the nightmare of a lost pet into a much…

Mastering Product Pricing and Markup in Veterinary Practices

You know that running a veterinary practice isn’t just about providing exceptional pet care—it’s also about managing a profitable business. But where to start when it comes to product pricing and markup? That’s where our Product Markup Guide comes in. What you’ll find included in this guide: Understanding the Basics 🧮 Markup isn’t just a…

How Paumanok Veterinary Hospital Harnessed AI to Reclaim 50 Hours Per Week

Paumanok Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1992 by a veterinarian couple, Dr. David R. Hensen and Dr. Deirdre Hensen, showing how love and business can create something wonderful together. Its name, “Paumanok,” holds cultural significance, derived from a Native American term for Long Island, signifying “island in the shape of a fish.”  Deeply rooted in…
group shot of the digitail team looking excited and happy to be at VMX

Our Core Values: The Heart of Digitail

At Digitail, we recognize the incredible impact that our values have on shaping our company culture. They influence everything from client interactions and product development to leadership decisions and community engagement. To us, these values are not just words on a page; they are the principles that guide our actions and decision-making processes daily. Building…
white mane with short hair cuddles a large breed dog while looking at his phone

What Millennials Really Want from Their Veterinary Care Providers

Millennials, representing nearly a quarter of the population, are making waves in almost every sector. Insert a joke about having avocados in one hand and a smartphone in the other. Still, in all seriousness, this generation has become an increasingly pivotal figure in the world of pet ownership. They make up the largest percentage of…
black vet with afro wearing lab coat, arms out breaking free from the ball and chain that represent writting medical records.

Veterinarians didn’t go to vet school because they love writing records…

Revolutionizing Veterinary Practices with Tails AI Dictation and Quick SOAP capabilities. In the world of veterinary medicine, where every second counts, the introduction of AI-powered veterinary dictation software has been nothing short of revolutionary. Now, with Tails AI Dictation built right into Digitail, this cutting-edge technology is redefining the way veterinary professionals interact with their…