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Roadmap to Success: Creating an Efficient Mobile Vet Service

🌟 Join our webinar with Dr. Doug Cifranick of WoofDoctor on Wheels, in collaboration with our friends at Kumba, to gain insights on driving your mobile practice forward and making it more efficient and effective.

📅 Wednesday, July 24th at 1 p.m. ET

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How AcharaVet Boosted Productivity by 30% and Supercharged Team Happiness with Digitail

Imagine this scenario – a busy two-doctor practice, one vet suddenly has to take a sick day, leaving the other with double the workload. You’d think she’d face a whirlwind of a day, working late into the night just to keep up. But here’s the plot twist: she manages to see every patient, finish on…

Enhancing Communication to Elevate the Euthanasia Experience

In our recent webinar on enhancing communication skills during euthanasia, we were privileged to have Dr. Celine Leheurteux, a veterinarian with over 25 years of experience, and Rebecca Rose, RVT, a certified peaceful euthanasia professional with over 37 years under her belt, share their invaluable insights. This session was a candid discussion on how to…

Keeping Pride Alive All Year in Veterinary Medicine

As June wraps up and Pride Month is coming to an end, it’s important to remember that supporting the LGBTQ+ community is a year-round commitment. According to a PrideVMC survey, only 23% of LGBTQ+ veterinary professionals feel fully accepted in their workplace. Additionally, a 2019 report by the AVMA highlights that 39% of LGBTQ+ individuals…

The Tiny Lifeline of a Pet Microchip

Microchipping a pet might seem minor, but its significance is anything but. In the world of pet care, this tiny device plays a pivotal role, acting as a beacon that guides lost pets back to their families. Yet, the effectiveness of a microchip is not solely in its technological marvel but in the details it…
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Every Scan Counts: The Community’s Role in Pet Microchipping

Imagine the heart-wrenching moment of realizing your beloved pet has gone missing. The panic, the worry, and the desperate search can be overwhelming. Now, imagine a simple, tiny chip that holds the power to bring your furry friend back home. Microchipping has revolutionized pet safety, turning the nightmare of a lost pet into a much…

Minimizing Missed Charges in Veterinary Practices

Running a veterinary practice efficiently means ensuring each product and service is billed correctly. Even the smallest missed charges can significantly undermine your practice’s profitability and longevity. Our guide on Reducing Missed Charges provides multiple actionable strategies to prevent this common source of lost revenue in veterinary clinics. Where to Start 🤔 Our guide identifies…

Mastering Product Pricing and Markup in Veterinary Practices

You know that running a veterinary practice isn’t just about providing exceptional pet care—it’s also about managing a profitable business. But where to start when it comes to product pricing and markup? That’s where our Product Markup Guide comes in. What you’ll find included in this guide: Understanding the Basics 🧮 Markup isn’t just a…

How Paumanok Veterinary Hospital Harnessed AI to Reclaim 50 Hours Per Week

Paumanok Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1992 by a veterinarian couple, Dr. David R. Hensen and Dr. Deirdre Hensen, showing how love and business can create something wonderful together. Its name, “Paumanok,” holds cultural significance, derived from a Native American term for Long Island, signifying “island in the shape of a fish.”  Deeply rooted in…