Privacy Policy


Digitail is proud to be a company where privacy and ethics in the handling of personal data is something we think about in everything we do. 

Whether it is developing a new feature for industry leading software or implementing new integrations for our clinics and pet parents, we always plan for and implement controls to ensure that data is handled securely, legally and in a manner we would expect as individuals.

We know that it is your personal data we are handling and it’s our mission to use that data to give you the best service, insight and outcomes for your clinics, pet parents and pets.

We use the EU-mandated GDPR framework as a global standard and then overlay any further requirements which may arise in a specific jurisdiction, for instance the POPIA legislation in South Africa. GDPR is the most restrictive policy globally and fully encompasses the requirements in the large majority of states and countries such as the CCPA in California.

This part of our website describes our accountabilities and activities associated with data.

Types of Personal Data We Handle

We hold personal data on the following types of people; this section will help you to understand if we may be holding personal data about you.

Personnel Data 

If you are a current or former employee of Digitail, we will hold some data about you to allow us to operate activities like payroll or directory access.

If you applied for work with us and were unsuccessful, you will have had the opportunity for us to retain your details for a future job opportunity. If you chose to do so, we will retain your personal data to allow us to contact you.

Marketing and Business Relationship Data

If you are someone we have been in contact with in relation to:

  • Seeking to buy our software and/or services
  • Selling us your company’s software, products or services
  • Forming a partner or integration relationship with us
  • Investing or seeking to invest with us

We will hold personal data on you arising from that interaction to allow us to contact you again and note the status of our relationship with you.

Client and Client User Data

If you are a current client of Digitail’s software and/or services (for instance you are owner of a veterinary clinic), we will hold personal data about you to allow us to contact, invoice and contract with you.

If you are a user of the Digitail software as an employee or contractor of a client (for instance you are a veterinary doctor working for a clinic which uses the Digitail software), we will further hold personal data about your usage of the software allowing you to securely login to the software and helping us understand your use of the software so as to enable us to continuously improve it.

User of the Digitail App

If you have downloaded the Digitail app to your iOS or Android phone, we will hold personal data arising from your usage of that app to allow you to use its features from session to session as intended by the design of the app.

This data may be connected to personal data we hold about you because you are a customer of a veterinary clinic which uses Digitail’s software. This is to enable you to have a smooth experience in interacting with that clinic via our app.

Customers of Clinics which use Digitail software

If you are a customer of a clinic which uses our software, we will hold personal data about you as a result of your interactions with that vet. This is to allow them to contact you, invoice you and otherwise interact with you in the ordinary course of treating your pet.

How we handle Personal Data

In the case of any and all the above, we always seek to take the following steps to ensure personal data is handled in the right way:

  • Access to any personal data is strictly limited to individuals who need to use it to perform their jobs. This means, for instance, that only Digitail colleagues in our HR team can see Personnel data or only Digitail colleagues in our Sales and Marketing teams can see the Marketing data.
  • Data is secured and encrypted in any appropriate system: for our own software, this is implemented by our own development teams; for third party software (e.g. Hubspot) we use encryption and security controls provided by those systems.
  • Data is held, where it is viable for us to do so, within the EU: we put systems in place to prevent Digitail employees localising any data outside the EU, for instance by only allowing those employees to access the data over a remote connection.
  • We minimise both storage and use of personal data: where we believe we do not need the data, we delete it. This might be because the feature associated with that data has been removed from the application or the data is old and no longer relevant for any business purpose.
  • All our colleagues and contractors receive training on how to handle Personal Data in line with our approaches above and we have an internal policy which forms part of our employment contract.
  • We have an internal DPO (Data Protection Office) who oversees the implementation of the approaches above.

Third Parties

  • For any of the classifications of Personal Data listed above, your data may be shared with third parties, there are two reasons why this may happen:
    • We use technology providers to operate our data and application technology platforms (and your data will therefore be stored on their systems) or to be able to operate some of our operations (for instance, an HR system or a Mailing List Management System).

      These include AI providers, which allow us to parse free text and voice to offer advanced features in the application.

      In these cases, including the AI providers, your data is not used to improve the models or used to benefit the company providing this service to us.
    • Both our clinic software application and our public app contain integrations with third party products – for example: integrations which give you and the clinic different payment options.

      In this case, some personal data may be provided to that third party – this is strictly temporary and the data is limited to that which is required to enable the functionality that the third party is offering to you.

Your Rights and Our Responsibilities

We have done our very best to implement Opt Out options for you in our applications and other interactions with us, for instance within the iOS and Android apps.

However, you do have the right to request deletion, amendment or access to your personal data and we will fulfil that request within 28 days. This is called a Subject Access Request (SAR).

In some cases, a request to delete data may result in a degradation of our or a clinic’s service to you (for instance, if you have requested that your conversation history be deleted from our app). Where this is the case, we will advise you before proceeding.

If you are making a SAR to us as the customer of a clinic which uses our software, we would recommend you also make a request to the clinic. This is because they may separately hold data on you outside the Digitail software as a result of your interaction with them.

If you would like to make a SAR, please submit your request in writing to our Data Protection Officer at the following address:

Ionut Calara

Digitail Inc.

251 Little Falls Drive

Wilmington, DE 19808

United States

Alternatively, you may email your request to

To help us process your SAR efficiently, please include the following information in your request:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address, phone number and postal address
  • Sufficient details to enable us to locate your personal data, including any relevant account numbers or identifiers
  • Any specific information or categories of personal data you are seeking access to

Please note that in some cases, we may need to verify your identity before fulfilling your request to ensure the security of your personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns about our SAR process or how we handle your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the contact details provided above.