Veterinary cloud-based software – what’s next?

Cloud software management systems have a recent history in veterinary practices.

It’s only been some years since this kind of system entered the market. While some business owners jumped in and enjoyed all the advantages (and there are a few, check here) this solution has to offer, some preferred the old way of doing things.

New practice management systems offer some advantages that pen and paper or server software can’t offer. Here are just a few:

✔ access to practice data from anywhere, at any time

✔ automatic updates

✔ сonstant back-ups and accurate data

So, what’s next for cloud systems?

Well, the next step for such software is making mobile access to it as easy and as rapid as possible.

A modern and cloud PMS allows veterinarians and staff members to manage appointments from check-in to check-out from any device, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, creating flexibility and efficiency according to workflow preferences.

Improving performance and appearance on mobile devices is of the utmost importance since anything nowadays has to have this facility to be used on a phone. And not only that – but it also has to be ready, rapid, and extremely easy to use on a smaller screen.

The most common situations of using the PMS on a mobile device:

✨ Booking an appointment for a client when you are away from the clinic.

✨ Checking on patients using your smartphone when you’re away from the front desk. Allows you to avoid crowded situations (e.g. The COVID-19 pandemic)

✨ Updating patient records on the go as most phones have an integrated feature of voice-to-text that can be so much faster than typing.

✨ Creating an invoice before you leave the consultation room. Again, avoiding any situation of crowding at the front desk.

✨ Scheduling the next appointment for a checkup while the animal is still in the facility.

Cloud systems have to be designed in such a way that they offer efficiency? flexibility? time savings ⏰, and freedom to move?‍, allowing veterinarians to automate day-to-day tasks.

So when you choose veterinary practice software (see here what questions you should ask when choosing a PMS), be sure to check how easy it is to use on your phone or tablet.

When it comes to the next step for veterinary cloud software, the future looks promising?

Vets, as well as software specialists, are constantly searching (and finding) solutions to offer practitioners time for what they love.