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About Digitail

Founded in 2018 by Sebastian Gabor and Ruxandra Pui, Digitail is an all-in-one, cloud-based practice management software with a native pet parent app. It is designed to maximize productivity and deliver modern experiences to veterinary teams, pet owners, and their companions on every step of the patient journey. Equipped with an AI-powered virtual assistant, Digitail automates routine administrative tasks, cuts down staff’s workload, and lets them focus on what they do best — providing exceptional care. At the same time, the Digitail app puts essential pet care information into the hands of pet parents, improving communication and increasing compliance.

Media About Us

Today's Veterinary Business
Unleashed Potential

How artificial intelligence is changing veterinary medicine.

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Artificial intelligence poised to transform veterinary care

AI experts gather at Cornell to discuss future developments relevant to the profession

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Are your reminders persuasive enough?

Sebastian Gabor, CEO of Digitail, shares useful tips on how to phrase appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and enhance compliance

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Fountain Report
Digitail introduces Tails, an AI-powered ‘virtual assistant’ for veterinarians

In an interview with the Fountain Report, Digitail CEO Sebastian Gabor said Tails AI has already demonstrated the potential to enhance each step of the patient journey, from patient intake, diagnostics, and treatment planning to writing patient records and conducting post-visit follow-up.

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Payment software offers a streamlined billing process

Powered by Stripe, Digitail Secure Payments transforms the checkout process with an easy and automated way to collect payments.

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Perception of vet professionals on AI focus of industry survey

Administered by the AAHA, Digitail’s survey aims to explore the perception and utilization of AI tools among veterinary professionals.

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Today's Veterinary Practice
The Role of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots in Veterinary Medicine

Potential applications of AI in veterinary medicine include diagnostics, interpretation, reporting, communications, and more.

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Front Line Innovations in Veterinary Medicine

Digitail bills itself as “modern veterinary software you wish you’d had sooner,” which is exactly as straightforward as it sounds.

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My Vet Candy
Veterinary Pros: AI’s Best Friend or Worst Foe? Uncover the Truth

As AI continues to revolutionize industries, veterinary medicine stands on the brink of transformative change.

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Podcast Appearances

vet-innovation-logo-grey 1
The Power of AI in Veterinary Medicine

Delve into the exponential growth of artificial intelligence and discuss three key areas where it can improve workflow efficiency in veterinary practice.

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Vet Success Podcast
AI is more than a buzzword

How can veterinary software serve veterinary professionals and not the other way around?

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Veterinary Financial Podcast
Finding AI’s Role in Modern Vet Med

A conversation about using Artificial Intelligence in veterinary medicine to improve your practice’s finances.

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The Bend
The Bend with Sebastian Gabor

A captivating episode with Sebastian Gabor, the innovative mind behind Digitail, a pioneering AI-integrated practice management software for veterinary hospitals.

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Vet Med and Leadership podcast
AI as a Tool to Reduce Burnout in Veterinary Medicine

How Tails AI works with and for veterinarians.

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Press releases

Digitail Introduces Upgrades to Its Native AI Assistant, Tails AI

Digitail clients can now enjoy even more efficient workflows and enhanced patient care with AI transcription in multiple languages and smart summarization of phone calls Digitail, an all-in-one veterinary practice management software, announces exciting upgrades to its native AI Assistant, Tails AI.  Tails AI Dictation, a native voice-to-text solution for quick SOAP notes, exam summaries,…
Digitail Announces Digitail Secure Payments

Say Goodbye to Missed Charges: Digitail Announces Digitail Secure Payments

Powered by Stripe, Digitail Secure Payments transforms the checkout process with an easy and automated way to collect payments, allowing veterinary hospitals to eliminate missed charges and improve client experience Digitail, an all-in-one cloud-based operating system for veterinary hospitals, announced its partnership with the leading payment processor Stripe and the launch of Digitail Secure Payments….
AI in vet med

39.2% of Veterinary Professionals Use AI Tools in Their Practice – Digitail and AAHA Survey

Digitail published findings from its industry-wide survey on Artificial Intelligence in veterinary medicine, conducted in collaboration with the American Animal Hospital Association Digitail, an all-in-one practice management software for veterinary hospitals, published a study, “AI in Veterinary Medicine: The Next Paradigm Shift,” exploring current awareness, perception, utilization, expectations, and concerns around the adoption of AI…
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Join Digitail in Shaping the Future: Veterinary Community Invited to Participate in AI in Vet Med Survey

Administered by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the survey aims to explore the perception and utilization of AI tools among veterinary professionals Digitail, an all-in-one practice management system for veterinary hospitals, launched an extensive industry-wide survey on artificial intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine. This groundbreaking initiative, conducted in collaboration with the American Animal Hospital…
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Veterinary United Chooses Digitail to Build a Resilient Future

Veterinary United, a Michigan-based veterinary group, partnered with Digitail to unify PIMS across its 22 locations, and deliver modern experiences to pet owners and veterinary teams Founded 27 years ago as a humble family business by Dr. Thomas Bankstahl and his wife Julie, Veterinary United evolved into a network of 22 veterinary hospitals, boarding, and…