Digitail has it all

The philosophy and design we put into our solution is that you’ll have a single source of truth, a single system.


Say goodbye to pen and paper with the most intuitive digital calendar.


Internal Calendar

With Digitail, you can customize and manage your calendar exactly how you want. Choose your availability, services, duration, and pricing, and keep your profile up to date, always!


Online Appointments

Get online bookings that land directly in your calendar. No more answering your phone after hours! Accept, reschedule or cancel bookings on the go. Your practice, your rules.


Automatic Reminders

Replace sticky notes with reminders via email, text, and push notifications. From upcoming appointments to recommended visits, your clients will not forget what’s due. Goodbye post-its, no-shows, and mix-ups!

Patient Check-in & Intake

Reduce waiting times and offer the best client experience.



End-to-end visits from one single screen. Communicate with your colleagues without talking. Prioritize better with appointment statuses and real-time waiting times.

Patient Registration-min

Patient Registration

See more patients by saving time on the registration process with bulk add and duplicate functions, quick appointments from the same screen, or by enabling clients to register in the app before the visit!


Consent Forms

Show of paws, we mean hands, if you dream of a paperless practice. Requesting clients’ consent has never been easier. They can sign digitally on your devices or on their own phone, at home.


Patient History

See the entire medical history of the patient, client updates & interactions in one holistic patient timeline. Compare cases and visit notes in one place.

Medical Exam

You can have it all – collaborative records, templates, integrations, automation, and more.


Record Collaboration

Records that autosave so multiple team members can work on the same record, at the same time! Notify your colleagues, ask for a second opinion or update the case with quick comments.


SOAP Templates

We’re all about doing things smarter, easier, and faster! Finish your records in no time with customizable and flexible templates, built for every case or situation.


Treatment Plans

Canned treatment plans or new estimates on the go? We got you covered! Easily approve or reject items, sync them on the plan and invoice and get the client’s signature.


Labs Integration

Fully integrated with all the labs you use (Idexx, Zoetis, Antech & more), so you can easily order in-house or reference tests, get results and notify clients from one place.


Discharge Notes

Unlock teens’ superhuman texting skills with smart shortcuts that allow you to fill in information x10 faster. Predefine recommendations based on diagnoses or products prescribed and share them automatically in the pet parent app!

Billing & Checkout

Be ready for RTG time with automatic invoicing and certificates



Bill chill mode activated! Invoices are automatically generated and shared with the client. Print, send via email, or create consolidated invoices easy peasy!


Digitail Secure Payments

Imagine your bottom line without missed charges, without complicated fees for every different credit card, and without overdue balances.
Digitail Secure Payments has taken the noise out of complex credit card contracts and made life easier.



Certificates that are automatically generated and shared with the client? Customizable designs & templates, easily searchable and sharable? YES!

Follow up

Keep the client engaged post visit and improve compliance



Our native 2-way chat allows you to quickly follow up with your clients, send lab results or ask for photos. Offer your clients the vet-in-your-pocket experience.

features-telemedicine 1


Healthy pets, happy humans! Make sure they stay that way even after they leave your clinic. Evaluate, monitor, and follow up on your patients remotely.


Client Updates

Get real-time client updates and monitor compliance with diary notes that pet parents are logging in the app! Save time by seeing everything in an aggregated patient timeline.

The all-in-one veterinary software
that you can trust and grow with


Health records

You can have it all – collaborative records, SOAP templates, integrations, automation, and more.


Online appointments

Reduce phone calls with your own personalized booking system!



Be ready for check-out with automatic invoicing, and quick & integrated payments. Downpayments, split payments, refunds.


Stock management

Kick inventory stress to a curb and keep your stock up to date, in real-time.


Pet parent app

Offer the vet-in-your-pocket experience to your clients with a dedicated app. Reminders, medical records, invoices – they also have it all-in-one.


Chat & Telemedicine

Stay in touch with your patients with chat, telehealth & telemedicine! Save time on triage, general advice, post-surgery care, or follow-ups.



Advanced reporting on finances, stock, appointments, clients & more – at your fingertips.


Data migration

Your data comes with you! We offer smooth data migration, cleaning & standardization so you feel that you’ve been using Digitail since the first day.

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software for animal hospitals