Create the best workflow with integrations

We carefully selected partners that are the best at what they do and can supercharge your clinic.

Digitail includes all the core tools built natively for running a practice.


Health records

You can have it all – collaborative records, SOAP templates, integrations, automation, and more.


Online appointments

Reduce phone calls with your own personalized booking system!


Pet parent app

Offer the vet-in-your-pocket experience to your clients with a dedicated app. Reminders, medical records, invoices – they also have it all-in-one.


Chat & Telemedicine

Stay in touch with your patients with chat, telehealth & telemedicine! Save time on triage, general advice, post-surgery care, or follow-ups.

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Send diagnostic requests to IDEXX Reference Labs, print requisition forms, track and receive results


The VetLab Station integration synchronizes, organizes, and displays your in-house diagnostics automatically, in one place.


The two-way integration with Ellie Diagnostics offers direct access to online lab requests and automatic invoicing.


Create test requests and bill clients directly from the medical records with the Antech integration.


Seamless order tests and get the results directly into the medical record with the Zoetis VetFuse integration.


Seamless order tests and get the results directly into the medical record with the Zoetis Reference Labs integration.


Create test requests and bill clients directly from the medical records with the Heska Diagnostic Lab integration.


Request test and directly invoice clients using the integrated MicroVet Diagnostic feature within the medical records.

Imaging (SmartPACS)

Sound SmartPACS integration allows you to review DICOM images, including radiographies, ultrasounds, CT, MR & more.

Imaging (Web PACS)

Create imaging requests and bill clients directly from the SOAP with IDEXX Web PACS integration.


Increase compliance and adherence with Greenline – the industry leader and preferred platform for easing clinic workload related to coupon and rebate redemption.

Product Suppliers

Shop every supplier at once! Vetcove lets you compare prices, see what’s in stock across all animal health vendors at once, and place orders directly.


With easy-to-use smart cabinets and software, Cubex helps you get the work out of the way up front, so you can focus on patient care instead of worrying about logs or reconciling charges. Get started in a few minutes!


Kontak (Cloud Retriever) offers the phone system for today’s modern practices. Every time you get a call, the client & patient profile will automatically open in Digitail, so you can always have the most important information when you need it.

Digitail Secure Payments One Pager

Digitail Secure Payments streamlines client checkouts, removing queues and intricate payment procedures, guaranteeing swift and hassle-free transactions for client satisfaction and seamless clinic operations.


Accept payments, send payouts and manage everything using the Stripe integration.


Offer easy buy-now-pay-later with CareCredit. From routine appointments to emergency situations or surgeries, your clients are covered.


Pre-written discharge notes, treatment templates, and many more with minimum setup. Thanks to TextBlaze, you can just type a word and have an entire document filled out in seconds


Taking notes and record-keeping is now even easier thanks to our partnership with Talkatoo, which allows for dictation directly into Digitail.


Make sure all addresses are accurate and speed up the registration process for you and for your clients or plan your route for the day with the Google Maps integration.


Keep your calendar in sync with Google Calendar. All appointments from Digitail will be automatically added to your Google Calendar.


With Digitail you have instant access to the best client communication and engagement tools. All client reminders are safe with Twillio and Sendgrid.


Enable meaningful communication at scale and connect with your audience seamlessly across messaging and email with Sinch.


PetLink is a leader in pet identification and reunification. A microchip gives your pet a silent voice and gives owners peace of mind that your beloved pet will always find its way home.

Reputation Management

ReviewTrackers is a Reputation Management Software that helps you control your brand through monitoring, responding, and generating reviews.

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“Now we can get a real-time snapshot of what’s going on with our business, quickly identify trends, gauge efficiency, and make data-driven decisions. Tasks that previously consumed two weeks now require just five minutes.”

Dr. Joshua Gehrke
CVO at Veterinary United
Dr. Joshua Gehrke

“We’ve been using Digitail for about 18 months now, and it’s been a successful, smooth transition. There are several really neat features that our staff have been enjoying, mainly because they align with the modern workflow and communication preferences of both our team and clients.”

Stacey Maloney
Office Manager & RVT at FenVet
Stacey Maloney

“First time in my career that I can say that I really love our PMS! How many vets get to say that? Huge shout out to the whole team at Digitail….Awesome platform, awesome support!”

Dermot Jevens
CEO at AcharaVet
Dermot Jevens

“First and foremost, the software is so easy to use and very functional. One of the great things about it is being able to access it ANYWHERE. The pet-parent portal is also genius, and our clients are definitely fans! The chat function and diary updates are great for managing difficult cases. We also really like how the treatments are so easily approved and defined within a SOAP note and then anything approved will automatically pull into the invoice. It makes missing charges a thing of the past.”

Erin Cochran
Manager/Technician at Eagleswood Veterinary Hospital
Erin Cochran

“One of the challenges was choosing a software program that we can use on any device either at the clinic or at home. Being a mom, it was important to me to spend as much time as I could at home while still having access to my business.”

Dr.-Dana-Scozzafava-scaled (1)
Embrace Animal Hospital
Dr. Dana Scozzafava

“Digitail bills itself as ‘modern veterinary software you wish you’d had sooner,’ which is exactly as straightforward as it sounds. It also happens to be true… It’s like upgrading from a PDA to an iPhone, it just works. It makes communications and management easy in a cloud-based system.”

Dr. William Tancredi
Chief of Staff at Old Ridge Veterinary Hospital
Dr. William Tancredi

“…Digitail is constantly stepping up to the plate, innovating, growing, and improving. Willing to adapt and change with the customer base. I wanted software that had the vet in mind – that wasn’t worried about large corporate agendas. Digitail was new on the block, but from the start, I was excited by Digitail’s potential. Three years later, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I know there will always be innovation and growth shaped by their users, like me.”

Dr. Doug Cifranick
Owner/Founder of WoofDoctor on Wheels
Dr. Doug Cifranick