The vet in your pocket experience
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One tool to enable the best client engagement and compliance for a truly collaborative pet care.

Pre Visit

Make sure pet parents are ready for their visit so you can focus on what’s important.

Easy triage that doesn’t require a new staff member? We’ve got you covered! Take advantage of Digitail’s native chat that comes with multi-users, automatic statuses, assignees AND all the clients’ and patients’ information at your fingertips. This is the real power of all-in-one! 💪

Pet parents can see your availability in real-time and request appointments that land directly in your calendar for you to review and accept. They can easily see all their past and upcoming appointments in one place and reschedule or confirm them. No more playing phone tag!

All your clients have an app account as soon as they are added to your system, which empowers them to take an even more active role in their pet’s health! The client and patient profiles are always in sync between the app and the PIMS, creating a truly integrated and collaborative pet care.

Send all the forms and documents before the visit! Enable your clients to review everything in their own time and sign before the appointment. With the right tools, the check-in and curbside don’t have to be a long, back-and-forth process!

Offer a modern experience with reminders via email, text, and push notifications. From upcoming appointments to recommended visits, your clients can see at a glance what’s due. Goodbye post-its, no-shows, and mix-ups!


While you are busy with the patient, we make sure the visit summary, discharge notes, certificates and the invoices are available to the client!

Once the visit notes are in and the record is marked as Closed, pet parents can see all recommendations and discharge instructions, diagnoses, services and products, and even attachments directly in the app. Of course, you have full control to choose what you want to share!

Certificates that are automatically generated and shared with the client (and that they can’t lose 😅) are finally here! Instant available and always accessible.

Invoices can be automatically shared with the client in the app (your choice, of course). Save time during checkout and reduce paper, while providing a modern client experience.

Enable clients to easily pay the bill on their own devices. All transactions sync instantly with Digitail PIMS so your reports are always up to date!

Post Visit

Client engagement doesn’t end after the visit.

Our native 2-way chat allows you to quickly follow up with your clients, send lab results or ask for photos. Evaluate, monitor, and follow up on your patients remotely.

Get real-time client updates and monitor compliance with diary notes that pet parents are logging in the app! Save time by seeing everything in an aggregated patient timeline.

All past visits and next due dates are centralized in one place, and easily accessible at any time.

Don’t let clients get their information from Dr. Google. Tap into our carefully curated resource library or add your own specialized content.

Set special offers or discounts for your most loyal clients! From products, to services and events, make sure your clients are in the loop!

Set special offers or discounts for your most loyal clients! From products, to services and events, make sure your clients are in the loop!

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