Veterinary mobile clinics offer the opportunity to observe and treat an animal in its home, which can result in more comprehensive care. Let’s see what are the benefits that mobile vets can offer to pets and their parents.

👌 Full focus on the pet

There is no chance that someone interrupts your consult because of an emergency that just entered. Mobile vets – benefits for owners and pets.

👌 Pets are always more relaxed at home

Knowing their environment it s crucial for pets. Visiting them at home (after letting them get used to your presence) can spare the patient a meltdown. We all have had experiences in the past with over-anxious patients and we all know that things can go sideways pretty easily.

👌 Pet parents are relaxed as well

The emotional state of the pet parent can have a major impact on the pet’s state of mind. Being a mobile vet can have multiple benefits for the dog or cat.

👌 Peaceful euthanasia at home

It’s always hard, no matter where you do it. But for the pet parent can be easier to be at home when it happens. Also, for the pet, can mean a lot to feel as safe as he/she can feel. That can best be accomplished by doing this at their home, where they are surrounded by the people they love.

👌 Annual wellness check-ups made easier

It’s easier for everybody and it can mean a less crowded veterinary practice for this time (COVID pandemic).

👌 Faster check-ups for multiple pets households

In multi-pet households, it can be a huge challenge to get annual wellness exams for all of the animals. Here’s where a mobile vet can be very helpful.