While there are numerous advantages to running a mobile vet business (check them out here), there are also cons.

House calls benefit clients by permitting their pet’s medical evaluation to be done on their own terms.

The cons of being a mobile vet can be:

⭕️ Scheduling difficulties

In a mobile clinic, you cannot have the personnel that you would have in a regular veterinary practice therefore you won’t have a receptionist taking phone calls for you.

The solution: regarding this particular issue, you can solve most of the situations just by using veterinary software like Digitail, which allows you to receive online appointments.

⭕️ Longer hours

This business model often means spending more time working. For the mobile vet, as well as for vet clinics, saving time is a must. Using a specialized veterinary software is a very powerful and important tool that can help you automate your internal workflow and save time.

⭕️ Delays

Here, we refer to traffic. This can be a big issue for mobile vets. You can’t always know how bad the traffic will be, and this can have a major impact on travel time and scheduled hours.

⭕️ Costs for fuel and maintenance of the car

You have to have these two in mind as they can be quite variable and it is best to not let them get you by surprise.

⭕️ Limitations

When working in the field, you cannot have all the equipment that a veterinary practice can offer, but you can always opt to equip your mobile veterinary practice better. It all depends on the services you decide to offer and how you communicate that to pet parents.