Running a veterinary practice efficiently means ensuring each product and service is billed correctly. Even the smallest missed charges can significantly undermine your practice’s profitability and longevity. Our guide on Reducing Missed Charges provides multiple actionable strategies to prevent this common source of lost revenue in veterinary clinics.

Where to Start 🤔

Our guide identifies ten common areas where veterinary hospitals lose money from missed charges, including overlooked services and fees, improper bundling of services, and inaccurate billing entries. We also delve into technological solutions and procedural improvements that can help streamline billing processes and capture every charge.

Where Technology Can Help 🦾

Leveraging technology, such as real-time recording and inventory integration, plays a crucial role. Features like voice-to-text capabilities and service and procedure templates can drastically reduce missed charges by integrating directly with billing systems, thus automating much of the charge capture process.

Procedural Enhancements 📈

The guide also emphasizes the importance of staff training and the implementation of clear procedures. With regular audits and cross-checking to maintain accuracy and accountability. Creating service codes and using templates for common procedures can also help minimize errors and omissions.

Download the Full Guide

This overview only scratches the surface. For detailed strategies, real-world applications, and step-by-step guides to implementing these solutions in your practice, download the full Reducing Missed Charges Guide.