Revolutionizing Veterinary Practices with Tails AI Dictation and Quick SOAP capabilities.

In the world of veterinary medicine, where every second counts, the introduction of AI-powered veterinary dictation software has been nothing short of revolutionary. Now, with Tails AI Dictation built right into Digitail, this cutting-edge technology is redefining the way veterinary professionals interact with their medical records, leveraging not just AI ambient listening and dictation but also summarizing and sorting directly into patient records to streamline the process of documenting patient exams.

Traditionally, veterinarians have spent a significant portion of their day typing notes and meticulously filling out SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) records by hand. This process is time-consuming and detracts from time spent on other patient-facing tasks. Let’s not forget work-life balance, which takes time away from family life or hobbies.

Enter Tails AI Dictation is a solution designed to address these challenges head-on by automating the documentation process in a way that feels like magic.

AI Adoption is Transforming Veterinary Workflows

Our recent Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine survey in collaboration with AAHA indicated a growing trend towards adopting AI technologies, including veterinary dictation software in the veterinary sector, with 39.2% of respondents already integrating AI tools into their practice. Among these early adopters, 69.5% use AI technologies daily or weekly. This high frequency of use underscores AI’s potential to revolutionize veterinary operations, significantly reducing the workload and combating professional burnout. The vision of a future where technology and veterinary care are seamlessly integrated is becoming increasingly tangible.

Tails AI Dictation and Quick SOAP

At the forefront of this technological evolution is Digitail’s built-in AI Tails with various capabilities designed to reduce administrative workload; it’s AI Dictation and Quick SOAP that have the most buzz. This tool revolutionizes veterinary documentation by leveraging AI ambient listening to transcribe and automatically sort exam details into SOAP records. The impact of such technology is profound, with Dr. Doug Cifranick heralding Tails AI Dictation as a transformative update in practice management software. It allows for completing notes before the day ends—a feat previously unheard of in busy practices.

“The ‘Tails’ AI dictation and quick SOAP syncing feature is the most significant update I’ve experienced in any practice management software. It allowed me to complete my notes before the end of a fully booked day! That NEVER happens.”

Dr. Doug Cifranick, Woof Doctor on Wheels

In an industry plagued by burnout, the emergence of AI-driven tools like Tails AI Dictation and its Quick Soap sorting feature is a breath of fresh air. This transformation is not just about convenience but fundamentally changing how veterinarians work. By automating the transcription and organization of medical records, these AI solutions are freeing up hours for veterinary professionals.

With Tails AI Dictation, our veterinarians are saving approximately 8 minutes per SOAP note. This translates into over 10 hours per week per DVM, and when multiplied by our team of 5, the cumulative impact is profound. Using AI allows us to see more patients, and it not only increases revenue but also leads to enhanced patient care.

Brian Bernatzky, Hospital Manager, Paumanok Veterinary Hospital

What Makes Tails AI Dictation Stand Out?

In addition to offering regular dictation and transcription, Tails AI Dictation employs advanced ambient listening and AI technologies to attentively listen during patient exams, capturing every detail without requiring manual input from the veterinarian. This AI companion is trained to differentiate between the veterinarian and pet parent and understand the nuances of veterinary consultations, from medical terminology to the unique context of each case.

Once the exam is over, Tails AI Dictation doesn’t just stop at transcribing the conversation. It goes a step further with ‘Quick SOAP’ capabilities, which intelligently summarize and sort information directly into well-organized SOAP records. This ensures that all relevant data is captured accurately and efficiently, ready to be reviewed and finalized with minimal effort from the veterinary professional.

We did not anticipate the quick soap AI summarization to be as incredible as it has turned out to be…having it listen throughout the exam created so much more robust medical records than what we had been keeping.

Brian Bernatzky, Hospital Manager, Paumanok Veterinary Hospital

I am using Quick Soap with Tails AI every appointment now, I’ve got the groove going, and it is saving me so much time, I am actually staying caught up on my medical records. 

Dr. Michelle Woodruff, Owner, Woodruff Vet Services Ltd

Fully Integrated Dictation Software: A Game-Changer for the Industry

Introducing veterinary dictation software like Tails AI Dictation fully integrated into a Practice Information Management System (PIMS) represents a leap toward efficiency and precision. By automating the documentation process, these AI-driven tools free up valuable time for veterinary professionals. This shift in offloading mundane administrative tasks to AI is already improving the work-life balance for vets and ensures that patient records are comprehensive, accurate, and readily accessible. AI’s potential to streamline operations and reduce burnout offers a glimpse into a future where technology and veterinary care go hand in hand.

But why is it beneficial that Tails is integrated into your PIMS? Integrating Tails directly into Digitail enables it to access and utilize client and patient information securely. This integration allows Tails to effectively summarize previous medical histories and provide specific recommendations or identify contraindications based on an individual pet’s records. The result is a more proactive and personalized approach to veterinary care, ensuring that each patient receives the most informed and tailored treatment possible.

The Future is Now

Adopting and using AI-powered software like Digitail’s fully integrated Tails AI Dictation and Quick SOAP into veterinary practices signifies a major advancement in the field. By reducing the burden of manual documentation and eliminating the need to copy and paste into patient records, these technologies are setting new benchmarks for efficiency and accuracy in patient care.

As the veterinary industry continues to embrace AI, we can anticipate further innovations that will streamline operations, enhance the quality of care, and transform the day-to-day lives of veterinary professionals.

The immediate benefit is obviously the time savings, but the ripple effects of that time saving have, in many cases, are hard to quantify.

Brian Bernatzky, Hospital Manager, Paumanok Veterinary Hospital

The advent of veterinary dictation software, epitomized by Tails AI Dictation and Quick SOAP, is reshaping the landscape of veterinary medicine. These tools promise to reduce the time spent on paperwork and pave the way for more meaningful interactions between vets and their patients.

As we move forward, it’s clear that integrating AI technology into veterinary practices is not just a trend but a fundamental shift towards a more efficient, accurate, and compassionate veterinary profession.

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