Every single one of us gets started on this path with very high hopes and dreams.

“What do astronauts, ballet dancers, and vets all have in common? All three are among some of the most common childhood dream jobs.”

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It can easily become frustrating seeing that is not so easy to follow your dreams. And it’s definitely not easy at all when you have to deal with difficult clients, colleagues, compliance problems, and paperwork.

Even so, there are numerous benefits for veterinary professionals so let’s discuss them.

There is nothing wrong with getting the real image of our profession. But the real image is not one that should discourage you from following your path.

So when telling the truth about the veterinary profession is important to state: it is meant for people with a very strong desire for helping animals.

We can look at this from (at least) two points of view: from a pessimistic or an optimistic one, but as we all know, there is no way of painting this in only black or white.

Mentoring vet students means not only teaching them the skills to save animal lives but also teaching them the skills to survive and thrive in this profession.

Let’s focus on the benefits of the veterinary profession:

👉 You can make your dreams reality – oftentimes, the idea of becoming a veterinarian appears early in life, for some of us, since childhood.

👉 After you finish your studies and start working, most of your clients will trust and respect you. Yes, reviews on the internet might make things look like we are constantly under attack. That’s just because upset clients are more willing to write reviews than content clients.

👉 Everyone amongst your family and friends will be proud to introduce you as a veterinarian.

👉 Veterinary medicine is for sure one of the most interesting careers out there.

👉 As vets, we get to see our patients throughout all the stages of their lives and we get to be there with and for them anytime the need arises.

👉 We build long-lasting relationships with pets and pet parents.

👉 Becoming a vet (check here the steps) might also open new fields of action for us.