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Elevate Your Vet Clinic Operations with Advanced Reporting

Empower Your Veterinary Practice with Vet Clinic Reporting Navigating the ever-evolving veterinary medicine world is a constant juggle between patient care and clinic efficiency. That’s where vet clinic reporting swoops in as an invaluable tool. It assists veterinarians and clinic administrators in scrutinizing crucial data, formulating informed decisions, and ramping up operations. In this blog…

Elevate Pet Wellness Center – building a community around integrative pet care

Are you wondering how hard it is to build your clinic and start a new business? Elevate Pet Wellness Center successfully did it at the beginning of 2022 in Bend, Oregon. The journey was not easy, but their dream came to reality with Abby’s and Dr. Brooke’s passion and strong friendship. Abby Willms and Dr. Brooke Jacoby first…

Optimize Patient Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is as easy as herding cats. But fret not because we’ve got some tips to help you optimize your patient scheduling and keep your sanity intact. Online Booking Transform your business by moving away from traditional phone bookings. Advantages include: Block Scheduling Think of it as Tetris for your appointment book. Automated Appointment…

Guide to Veterinary Clinic Markup

As veterinary professionals, we understand the challenges of providing excellent care while ensuring your practice remains sustainable and profitable. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate pricing guide tailored specifically for the veterinary industry. Get ready to navigate the pricing maze and optimize your revenue streams! Non-Competitive Products This category includes: Examples: antibiotic tablets, NSAIDs, ear…
Digitail - Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

How Embrace Animal Hospital has more time for patients

If you’re looking for kindness and compassion, no one is better than Dr. Dana Scozzafava. Embrace Animal Hospital was born in November 2021 in Middlebury, Connecticut. The new veterinarian-owned clinic provides advanced medical care for small animals, such as wellness and preventative medicine, digital radiography, dentistry with dental radiographs, surgery, blood work diagnostics, and illness and emergency care….
Digitail - Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

Bringing the vet to your pet in Cayman Islands

After spending a decade in one of the island’s busiest veterinary clinics, Dr. Andreea decided that on such a compact island, there must be a better solution to animal care! So, in 2018 Dr. Andreea launched her first mobile veterinary service and quickly built a loyal customer base thanks to her flexible attitude and caring…

Vet Concierge – Helping 2x More Patients with Digitail

“We bring the Vet to Your Pet”; This is how Vet Concierge started as a passion project during COVID. Located in Frisco, TX, Dr. Taylor and Elle were determined to provide concierge care and service to their community, friends, and family. Their main goal was to provide a different type of veterinary services – focusing on offering empathetic, personalized,…

The Parks Animal Clinic – Taking Veterinary Care to a New Level

The Parks Animal Clinic was established in July 2022 by Dr. Treherne and Dr. Vinay. Their immense passion for staying up-to-date with the most modern and state-of-the-art veterinary procedures and techniques can be seen even in the clinic’s smallest details. The clinic was established with the vision of being a leading veterinary facility in South Africa, providing unparalleled care to…