The Parks Animal Clinic – Taking Veterinary Care to a New Level

The Parks Animal Clinic was established in July 2022 by Dr. Treherne and Dr. Vinay. Their immense passion for staying up-to-date with the most modern and state-of-the-art veterinary procedures and techniques can be seen even in the clinic’s smallest details.

The clinic was established with the vision of being a leading veterinary facility in South Africa, providing unparalleled care to patients and creating an environment where pets are treated as part of the family.

Dr. Treherne and Sixty
Dr. Treherne and Sixty
It’s all in the details…

The clinic’s success was determined long before the doors opened, with meticulous planning going into the design of the building. The pet’s experience was kept top of mind as the clinic boasts an utterly separate isolation ward and separate dog and cat wards. Any pet parent who has ever taken their power breed to the vet just to come across a family yielding a bunny or new kitten will appreciate the thought put into this. The clinic has been designed to create a fear-free environment by reducing the stress and anxiety of the fur patients.

Dr. Treherne, taking care of Molly
Dr. Treherne, taking care of Molly

This facility breaks the mould regarding the stereotypical idea of visiting the vet, and the pet parents’ journey was not forgotten.

Dr. Treherne believes that the difference between a good vet visit and a great vet visit may just be a fantastic cup of coffee. You can expect to be treated to a coffee or cappuccino while waiting in comfortable chairs while the reception staff showers your pet in love and affection before their procedure. The clinic also offers a modern client experience before, during, and after their visits. By using the clinic’s dedicated app, clients can book appointments onlinesend questions through chat and are also encouraged to track vital health information of their pets, from the conform of their homes.

Cookies & coffee
Cookies & coffee are offered to pet parents
The animal hospital that speaks for itself

A dedicated theatre, a comprehensive laboratory, and an imaging department (x-ray and ultrasound machines) allow the team to offer a comprehensive diagnostic service.

When the team designed the practice, their concept of openness and transparency led to the use of a glass walling system and “presidential suite” kennels. If your pet has to spend some time at the clinic, you can rest assured that it will be monitored at all times under the sharp eyes of veterinarians, nurses, and kennel assistants.

Onyx & Paisley in The Parks kennels
Onyx & Paisley in The Parks kennels

 If I’m in the procedure area, I can see all the animals in the kennels as well as the animals in the theatre. I can watch rounds being done, and my staff can see how surgery is progressing in the theatre without having to interrupt, said Dr. Treherne.

Using the glass walling system, veterinarians and nurses can monitor every patient all the time, and this system echoes the transparency in the level of care provided. While their pets are hospitalized, clients get constant updates through the dedicated pet parents app.

The Parks Animal Care
The Parks Animal Care entrance

When it comes to software, The Parks Animal Clinic has partnered with Digitail to ensure a smooth experience for the pet and the client. Patients now have their own digital profiles, and the pet parents get regular reminders about their next deworming, check-up, or annual exam.

Offering a premium experience to all pet parents

Using Digitail, the clinic is able to offer a modern experience to their clients, allowing them to book appointments online and access post-visit recommendationsvaccine certificates, and invoices from their app. All consent forms and documents can be completed before the visit and signed digitally, preventing the check-in from becoming a dragged-out process and saving valuable time for the team and the client.

Find The Parks Animal Care on the Digitail app or visit their website for unparalleled veterinary care.