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How Embrace Animal Hospital has more time for patients

If you’re looking for kindness and compassion, no one is better than Dr. Dana Scozzafava. Embrace Animal Hospital was born in November 2021 in Middlebury, Connecticut. The new veterinarian-owned clinic provides advanced medical care for small animals, such as wellness and preventative medicine, digital radiography, dentistry with dental radiographs, surgery, blood work diagnostics, and illness and emergency care.

Let’s be honest! How many owners are searching for the best vet in their area? Going over pet parents’ experiences at Embrace Animal Hospital, you will discover that “Beyond being compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. Dr. Dana cares and has the best interest (and bed side manner) of you and your 4 legged family member”.

Dr. Scozzafava, Owner of Embrace Animal Hospital
Dr. Scozzafava, Owner of Embrace Animal Hospital

Efficiency from day 1

From the beginning, they had something else in mind! They wanted to save as much time as possible and use it wisely for their high number of clients. Dr. Dana has seen more than 2400 patients in less than one year. With an average time of 20 minutes per visit, they see around 22 patients daily!

What’s their secret?

Offering an online booking system and digital communication is the secret at Embrace Animal Hospital. They spend all their time on patients instead of phone calls. For the whole staff, streamlining communication was one of their top wishes; they check chat messages daily and ensure they never miss any updates or questions from pet parents.

Using a modern, cloud software enabled the whole team to become paperless and automate as much administrative work as possible.

They are huge fans of predefined templates and treatment plans; the medical records are ready in the blink of an eye!

Lastly, the checkout process couldn’t be smoother and more user-friendly – every record or invoice is shared on the mobile app or via email directly from the software. The whole staff loves this functionality!

 She and her staff all are extremely professional, quick to respond, and incredibly compassionate. We even love that they use an app-based system to communicate, make appointments, and see records. We truly cannot recommend Embrace enough, said one of their recent clients.