Vet Concierge – Helping 2x More Patients with Digitail

“We bring the Vet to Your Pet”; This is how Vet Concierge started as a passion project during COVID. Located in Frisco, TX, Dr. Taylor and Elle were determined to provide concierge care and service to their community, friends, and family.

Their main goal was to provide a different type of veterinary services – focusing on offering empathetic, personalized, and, most importantly, convenient and less fearful care for all the pets in the neighbourhood.

Initially, Vet Concierge was an evening and weekend business as Dr. Taylor and his fantastic helper, Elle, worked all day long in the veterinary industry. One year and a half later, what started as a passion idea became a success story with more than 400 patients under Dr. Taylor’s responsibility.

Dr. Taylor and Elle
Dr. Taylor and Elle

Each pet parent visiting the community events in the Frisco Area will meet Elle’s and Dr. Taylor’s smiles because they are always present to offer the best care for all furry patients.

The challenge – finding the right software

One of the team’s biggest challenges was finding the right tool to support them. They were using multiple tools for patient management, scheduling appointments, and keeping medical records but the system was not able to keep up with their needs and the fast-growing number of clients. Spending time syncing multiple tools and manually inputting data was a clear bottleneck.

The team partnered with Digitail to streamline their processes and automate the admin tasks.

“Digitail helped us to become more efficient and grow”, mentioned Dr. Taylor.

They rely on Digitail to keep everything organized, from keeping their stock accurate (everything is ordered through Vetcove) to appointment scheduling, client communication, and billing.

We have most clients up on Digitail Mobile App, where they book their appointments, communicate with us via chat where they also click and pay the bill via the link.

Dr. Taylor

Seeing 2 times more patients

Being a part-time business, Vet Concierge’s initial target was around 200 patients. “Now with Digitail I can likely manage as many as 400”, mentioned Dr. Taylor.

Automating redundant processes is essential for having more patient time. We are excited to see how the number of patients they are helping is growing in the future!