Digitail - Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

Bringing the vet to your pet in Cayman Islands

After spending a decade in one of the island’s busiest veterinary clinics, Dr. Andreea decided that on such a compact island, there must be a better solution to animal care!

So, in 2018 Dr. Andreea launched her first mobile veterinary service and quickly built a loyal customer base thanks to her flexible attitude and caring nature.

My Home Vet team
My Home Vet team

“A lot of our clients are extremely busy professionals who do not have time to dedicate several hours for a clinic visit.” Andreea explains, “So when I launched my first practice, which removed this stressful process from pet care, it was a real big selling point!”

Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon playing with one of their patients

Offering veterinary care and pet physiotherapy in the comfort of the patient’s home, My Home Vet truly Bring The Vet To Your Pet with their wonderful team consisting of two veterinary surgeons, Dr. Andreea and Dr. Bronwyn, a Veterinary Physiotherapist, Nicole Visage, and their Animal Care Assistant, Alan Gordon.

Partnering with Digitail

With an elite team, a strong business model, and a healthy client base to service My Home Vet needed management software for their practice. Enter Digitail.

As mobile vets, Dr. Andreea wanted all-in-one software that would meet their needs: easy access on the go, integrated client communication, telemedicine options, inventory management, and lab integration. My Home Vet is the only Veterinary Service in Cayman powered by Digitail. They also looked at other software but felt Digitail was the best solution to their needs.

We are loving Digitail. Things are going great; it is so easy to keep in touch with owners and the inventory skills are great. There seems to be an update almost every week, often based upon our feedback to Digitail, which makes our work more efficient. I’m so glad we chose Digitail.

Dr. Andreea

Being constantly on the move, My Home Vet needs quick access to previous medical notes, initiates video calls with clients, and even texts them a message while going from one house call to another.

Dr. Andreea
Dr. Andreea on the road

“The interface was just so clean, and I loved how everything was cloud-based, so it could be accessed from any device when we are on the road.” Remarks Alan, “Being a user-based monthly subscription suited us too as it avoided a large upfront cost when we were dealing with so many set-up fees. However, what really sold Digitail was the outstanding level of support and communication.”

“I had explored Digitail previously but never actually used the system until joining My Home Vet”, says Dr. Bronwyn, “I remember my first week being crazy busy and completing my notes in the car with Alan talking me through Digitail as he drove me to client. It was just so intuitive that Al just needed to say, ‘you should see a blue button – click that’ and then the rest all made sense. I quickly found my feet in it, and it has been such an amazing tool to use daily.”

We asked Alan what he likes most about Digitail, and he didn’t even hesitate with his response:

“The outstanding balance feature, for sure. We’ll be finishing up a client who has multiple pets and we may have visited them twice or thrice that week and I really don’t have time to review every SOAP note and invoice before running their card. So, to be able to see at a glance what they owe is priceless to me. The fact that Digitail has listened to our invoicing needs and improved this function to include easy consolidation is fantastic.”

Dr. Bronwyn is a big communicator, so had a feature that also really appealed to her:

“The client message function is amazing. I love that I can send them an email without having to leave the Digitail platform and that I can attach invoices or imaging. It allows me to provide a more personal touch whilst not having all my time consumed behind a screen!”

My Home Vet team (left to right): Nicole, Alan Gordon, Dr. Andreea, Dr. Bronwyn
My Home Vet team (left to right): Nicole, Alan Gordon, Dr. Andreea, Dr. Bronwyn