Elevate Pet Wellness Center – building a community around integrative pet care

Are you wondering how hard it is to build your clinic and start a new business? Elevate Pet Wellness Center successfully did it at the beginning of 2022 in Bend, Oregon.

The journey was not easy, but their dream came to reality with Abby’s and Dr. Brooke’s passion and strong friendship. Abby Willms and Dr. Brooke Jacoby first met eight years ago while working together in a small holistic veterinary practice. Discovering a shared passion for integrative veterinary care, the idea of starting a practice together grew over the years, and they finally decided to make the jump!

Abby Willms and Dr. Brooke Jacoby
Abby Willms and Dr. Brooke Jacoby

Nothing stopped them; they had to choose the new building’s tile, flooring, and paint colour while waiting for the permit. It took around eight months to open the doors. Having the whole community next to them during the process made Abby and Brooke even more motivated to start.

Elevate Pet Wellness Center is an integrative veterinary practice focusing on complete pet health in a tranquil setting for clients and their pets.

The practice provides conventional and holistic services with cutting-edge technology, providing the highest standards of medicine. Individualized personal care is their priority for each pet, and they look forward to creating lasting relationships throughout their life stages and needs. They could not be more excited to start this venture in their beautiful community.

Finding the best solutions

Based on both’s experience in this field, they have used almost all the software on the market. Abby and Dr. Brooke were so excited to start that they signed up with Digitail months before the grand opening.

Besides coordinating building the practice, they had to learn new software. It is always a challenge to get used to a different program. Thanks to Abby’s and Dr. Brooke’s high motivation and commitment, even though starting a business is not easy, everything went as planned. The main focus was streamlining day-to-day operations, having lab integrations, and accessible communication with their clients. Carefully creating their setup, a new journey started once the doors were open!

Dr. Jacoby is a massive fan of predefined templates. Each patient is different, but Dr. Brooke successfully knows how to save as much time as possible during her appointments, especially while writing her notes and recommendations. The new practice was so successful that in six months, their team doubled, and now the schedule is fully booked three weeks in advance.

Building a strong community

The whole staff provides an incredibly welcoming experience. Do yourself a favour and make Elevate Pet Wellness Center your pet primary care, mentioned one of their recent clients.

Elevate Pet Wellness Center team is very involved in their community, often organizing Open Doors with their wonderful clients, celebrating with them, and inviting them to learn just a little more about what makes integrative practice different!