Questions you should ask when choosing a PMS

Veterinary software systems will sooner than later be a must and before you choose one, there are questions you should ask when choosing a PMS.

Today, it has become an extremely difficult thing to manage your veterinary practice without any help.

Maybe you thought already about implementing a veterinary software and maybe you saw that there are multiple such softwares on the market. How to find the right one?


Here are what questions you should ask when choosing a PMS:


❓ Is the PMS cloud-based?

Most veterinary practices nowadays prefer to use cloud-based software because of its reliability, pocketfriendliness & flexibility.

Here are some of the advantages of using cloud-based software:

✔ Work collaboratively with team members

✔ Access information on-demand and in real-time

✔ Integration with industry portals and platforms

✔ Data security and storage

✔ No need to run updates or perform maintenance

✔ No more servers

✔ Mobile and tablet access


❓ When did it last have an update?

We need to use the latest technology – when it comes to solutions for our patients but also when it comes to a solution to gain time so we can see more patients. You should choose a veterinary software that has constant new functionalities because it means that they are always looking for better ways to improve different functionalities, keeping a strong bond between our mission and the digital world.



❓ Does it offer the most complete solution for your practice?

A veterinary business has so many facets and we have to think about so many things that it can become easily overwhelming to try and do it all. So, when choosing a veterinary software, try and choose the one that offers the most complete service, such as:

✨ telemedicine

✨ chat

✨ accounting integration

✨ reports

✨ online booking system

✨ pet portal / app for pet parents

✨ treatment sheets


❓ Does the PMS offer a solution for your invoicing and your inventory?

Maybe this is the last thing we want to do when it comes to our practice.

None of us started a business thinking we have to become an accountant – truth is that veterinarians have to learn more than medicine. It’s best when we can find solutions and make this kind of task as digitalized as possible. Choose a software that offers functionalities that are easily customizable for your needs.


❓ Does the veterinary software offer solutions for compliance?

It’s hard to have all papers in order – it’s even harder when you are the one that has to literally write them on actual paper.

That’s not why you chose this job, right?

There are now solutions even for this! So, it’s very important that when you try to choose a veterinary software, keep this aspect In mind. HIPPA and GDPR are an issue that has to be assessed in every part of the globe – choose a software that offers HIPPA/GDPR compliance. Depending on your location, legislation can vary on the papers that we have to have ready for any situation when the authorities come to check our practice. Again, is best to choose a software that helps you with all that.



❓ Will you be able to keep the patient’s records?

Maybe one of the most important functionalities of veterinary software. We all know how important these records can be.

The era of pen and paper should be long gone!

We don’t care just about the animal well being, we should also care about the environment. Having these aspects in mind, be sure to choose a veterinary software that helps you keep your patient’s records in order and easily accessible when you need them!


❓ Is it intuitive and easy to use?

We don’t want to feel like we are performing brain surgery unless we are really performing one. Our day to day life as vets should be as easy as possible when it comes to activities that don’t involve the well being of our furry friends. An intuitive platform, made for our daily activities, should be the one that you implement in your practice.



❓ Do you have access to customer support at all times?

Every new thing can seem difficult at first.

We don’t know so much about computers and IT and we don’t want to spend too much time educating ourselves on such aspects when we can focus all our attention on learning as much as we can for our patients.

Customer support is not important just at the beginning – it is important also when growing your business. Speaking of which, when choosing a veterinary software, ask yourself if it will help you grow your business?



❓ Does it offer a solution for online appointments and reminders?

It’s a digital time that requires digital solutions. Your veterinary practice should not be any different.

People tend to do more and more online and therefore, a big number of your customers can come from online appointments.

It’s a sure thing – people forget. We have to make sure they don’t forget about their appointments and preventative care treatment for their pets.

Does the PMS you have in mind offer a solution for automatic reminders?


It’s best when you find a solution that can make your redundant tasks an automatic processHere’s why a PMS is important 👌

If you want to compare such software, you can start here.

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