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Elevating Veterinary Client Communication: The Strategic Advantage of Texting

TL;DR: Your phone called. It wants to text, not talk.

Boost your clinic’s efficiency and client engagement with texting. Now, clients don’t have to slide into your DMs.

scream joke ghostface is the scariest horror villain because he wants to talk on the phone
Streamline Client Communication

Remember the ’90s? Ah, the good ol’ days when we had to press each button three times just to type a single letter. Now, we’re in 2023, and text messaging is the top dog of communication.

Communication methods have evolved significantly since the early days of rotary phones. In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Digitail offers a dedicated clinic phone number, allowing clients to bypass the voicemail labyrinth and connect via text. It’s direct, efficient, and on-brand with modern client expectations.

Boost Practice Efficiency

Phone ringing off the hook? An organized text is worth a thousand words—or at least a few saved minutes. Divert those calls to text messages that neatly file themselves right into your client profiles. It’s like Marie Kondo for your communication; if it doesn’t spark joy, at least it’s organized.

Constant phone calls can disrupt the clinic’s workflow and contribute to administrative overload. The power to text deftly diverts calls into organized text messages conveniently housed within your existing client records. This not only enhances efficiency but ensures a more streamlined approach to client management.

happy pet parent showing text message from vet clinic on her phone
Optimize Client Engagement

Texts have a 98% open rate. No, that’s not a typo. These little digital notes get all the eyeballs, and 97% of those happen within 15 minutes. This is next-level engagement and the kind of immediacy that phone calls or emails can seldom match. By adopting a communication channel that resonates with client preferences, you can position your practice on the cutting edge of veterinary care.

Asynchronous Communication: The Textual Revolution

75% of millennials would rather text than call; it’s a reality. Millennials get antsy just thinking about phone calls, like cats at a water park. It’s not merely a convenience but a significant factor in choosing a healthcare provider for their pets. Texting allows for a level of asynchronous communication that busy lifestyles demand. It’s less “you had me at hello” and more “you had me at seen.”

Get Digitail Two-Way Texting and Unleash the Power

📞 Your own dedicated clinic number—because you’re worth it

🛠️ Divert calls to neat, tidy texts

📈 Elevate client engagement metrics – leveraging high open and response rates

Why just keep up when you can lead the pack? Start texting and take your clinic from “Who dis?” to “Oh, it’s YOU!” in no time.

Speak to a Digitail expert to see how texting can elevate your client communication today.