Digitail unveils plans to enhance veterinarian – pet parent connection and get closer to the hybrid pet care model [Press release]

Digitail, the digital health company for pet care, announced today new features and enhancements to its PIMS and Pet Parent App to enhance the connection between veterinarians and pet parents. With these new features, Digitail aims to position itself as a leading global provider of the hybrid pet care model.

Digitail’s hybrid pet care model revolves around 3 major concepts:

  • Patient-centricity as millennial pet parents have increasingly higher expectations – they heavily rely on technology, they research a lot and want more information about their pet’s health as well as wanting to be involved in the care process together with the veterinarian.
  • Innovation is all around us and it gives the industry incredibly valuable tools and resources to be more efficient and data-driven. Digitail wants to help veterinary professionals use this technology in ways that enhance their practice experience.
  • Shift happens: there is a gap between veterinarians and pet parents when pets are at home. Giving pet parents remote guidance and information enables them to be the best version of caretakers for their pets.

The hybrid pet care approach is a new kind of integrated relationship that creates more value for both clients and veterinarians. The vets are hands-on with more ease and more data on their side, the pet parents are involved and educated and the system works on everybody’s behalf, providing the communication, resources, and optimizations needed so that every pet receives holistic care.

The first steps towards this model have been implemented, with the Digitail Pet App features that now include a personalized learning center and recommended products and services for app users. The current lessons are curated and created by in-house veterinarians, but the goal is to also give veterinary staff the platform where they can share their knowledge with their clients, outside of the clinic.

With Digitail, pet parents can track their pet’s data, get insights and advice on how to improve their pet’s well-being and connect with their veterinarian. The app also gives veterinarians direct access to the pets’ medical data, having the power to proactively provide veterinary care in clinics but also remote, based on real-time data.

In the next few months, the app will expand from preventative care to also cater to pet parents with pets with chronic diseases such as diabetes, allergies, kidney disease, and others conditions through special data trackers and personalized advice.

The PIMS solution has been enhanced to provide veterinarians with better visibility into the pet’s profile, history and will soon include insights from the pet parent’s home tracking activities.

Digitail’s CEO, Sebastian Gabor has been working with hundreds of clinics for the last 5 years and is well aware of their struggles:

‘Veterinarians don’t have the time to search for data and scroll through multiple health records while also diagnosing or administering a treatment to a pet patient. Our goal with this solution is to make the relevant information easily accessible at the right time.’

In human healthcare we already see that the hybrid model is expected to increase from 45% to 90% adoption in only one year, proving it is a very effective model. Digitail wants to facilitate and help clinics in the veterinary industry benefit from the processes and the technology that is helping advance the human healthcare sector.

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