Why are reminders important for your veterinary practice?

No matter how you send the reminders to your clients, they allow you to bring clients back to your practice.

Are reminders important for your veterinary practice? Yes, they are very important, and that’s because customers coming back means revenue coming to your growing business.

At the moment, lots and lots of studies prove reminders do their job and that they increase savings and income.

What’s the easiest way to implement this service into your veterinary practice?

Once again, let technology help you – we talk a lot about how veterinary practice management software can improve a vet’s work life.

Automatic reminders are just one of the features that save time and gain clients for you and your business.

Using a platform like Digitail offers you the possibility to send messages to pet parents and by doing this, you can build stronger VCPR (see here what it means and what it implies ?).

Nowadays, pet parents use different communication channels. That’s why you must know which one they prefer and how to reach them at the right moment.

Channels you can use to reach out to your veterinary practice customers:

  • Emails – on their mobile or laptop
  • Text Messages – directly to their phone
  • Push Notifications – via a pet portal or app

The importance of reminders – bringing clients back

When’s the best time to establish an appointment? Right at the end of the current one!

So, ask your clients what time suits them for the next visit to your clinic and use your PMS (practice management software) to reserve the amount of time necessary. But that’s not enough.

Unfortunately, doing that won’t imply they remember the time and date for their pet’s future check-up. 

Here’s where automatic reminders make all the difference. For example, by using Digitail, you can set the exact message and the due date for your clients to receive the reminders (one day before the appointment, one week, etc).

Main advantages of sending reminders:

✅  recover clients

✅  lower the number of no-shows

✅  decrease daily phone calls

✅  improve compliance (here’s more info about client compliance.)

Quick tips for your reminder messages:

✳️  appropriate terminology (make things easy to understand)

✳️  customize them (easy peasy when using Digitail)

✳️  reiterate the importance of preventative care

✳️  use the channel each client prefers (again, it’s easy when you use Digitail)

✳️  email database – the more email addresses, the merrier – for promoting your services

✳️  go green! stop using postcards or other old ways of doing things

✳️  people respond better to SMS (but we have that covered?)