Mobile veterinary practices are, in many ways, a win-win proposition for both veterinarians and their clients. So, the pros of being a mobile vet – what exactly are they?

Mobile vets have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Pet parents looking for convenience made veterinary practitioners come up with a new model of business – mobile vet practices.

The pros of being a mobile vet:

⭐️ Low costs for starting up

A mobile clinic is less expensive than opening a veterinary practice. Mobile practitioners can save lots of money because they are not paying rent or property taxes.

⭐️ Convenience for pet parents

Pet parents love convenience, accessibility, and comfort(who doesn’t?)

⭐️ Mobile clinics are an attractive service option for:

✨ people with limited mobility due to health issues

✨ areas where transportation options are limited

✨ people who have kids

✨ multiple pets in a household

⭐️ Premium price for ultra-convenience

Being at the house of the pet parent at the time that best fits them means ultra-convenience for them but also premium prices for the mobile vet.

⭐️ Less stressed patients

We want the best for our patients. Always. Being a mobile vet can easily be translated into a calm and easy-going animal. We know that this can have a major effect on some blood tests, so this can mean more accurate results.

⭐️ Free advertising

Going around town with a car that states loud and clear what type of services you offer, means also free advertising.

Without clients — especially those who return to our services again and again — our businesses would be non-existent. This is why the more successful you are at understanding and forming relationships with your clients, the more successful you will grow your small business.