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The importance of online appointments and reminders

What are some tools to reduce the number of no-shows and to keep the veterinary appointment book full?

For growing your veterinary practice – online appointments and reminders are just two of the many tools you should use.

It’s time you take advantage of the digital era and open up your clinic to all that a veterinary software offers.

Down below we’ll talk about how mixing these features can help your clinic increase the number of show-ups and also the number of new clients. These tools should be part of your veterinary practice client retention management strategy (see here why this is important).

To create the most impact and have an effective customer retention management strategy, you’ll have to base your actions on customer data (read more on the importance of data here).

Your existing customers are your best growth opportunity. Keep that in mind!

Veterinary visits reminders

Did you know that 29% of customers don’t come to an appointment if they don’t receive a reminder? That can translate into lost forever income

Quick facts about automatic reminders:

  • They have a strong causal impact on the frequency of check-ups.
  • Reminder effects are persistent over time.
  • Repeated reminders neither strengthen nor weaken their effectiveness.

Improving compliance means improving our patient’s outcomes. One way of doing so is by reminding your clients about the next appointments and allowing them to schedule/reschedule the next visit.

Online appointment systems are increasingly being used by businesses no matter the field, and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t oversee them.

Online appointments and reminders can boost your revenue

⭐️  Saving time – in this so-fast era, time really means money. Don’t waste any more time phone scheduling your patients’ next visits.

⭐️ Instant confirmation – it is important for clients to receive confirmation of their appointment. This confirmation should display details for the pet parent to review.

⭐️ Improved VCPR – your clients need to have the possibility to reschedule. Reminders should include a link for them to use if they want to make any changes or contact you with more questions.

The best thing about having an online appointment system linked with automated reminders is that you can take a lot of worrying and work off of your staff members.

It’s best when you find a solution that can make your redundant tasks an automatic processHere’s why a PMS is important.

Do you have any questions about how you can use these features? We’re here to help!