Pet parents prefer spending most of the time getting advice from Dr. Google and other industry stakeholders that are mostly interested in branding and revenue, rather than impactful results for the wellbeing of the pet. Rarely is the case when they decide to take their pets to the vet, excluding the annual visit.

The act of providing high-quality pet care requires years of learning and practicing, know-how, empathy, and hard work. And this can only be done by the vets and their professional team members.

But pet care is changing, with all the new devices and technologies. The profile of the pet parents has changed tremendously in the last century, being much more focused on the wellbeing of the animal. Hence, the apps they use are more and more complex and well-aligned with the trends of the vet industry.

Now it’s not only about practicing vet medicine but a lot about generating and administrating data. And this can be a core element for the general practice if it is used accordingly.

Digitail’s stands for Data Privacy

We like to keep things clear: the data our users generate is extremely valuable for many stakeholders, but so are the privacy laws. Therefore, we strongly believe that:

  • Vets own the data they and their staff create
  • Pet parents own the data they generate
  • PIMS and other companies do not own that data; they are only a facilitator in generating, organizing, and viewing that data.

When you use Digitail, your data is stored securely in AWS, and we constantly do pen testing to make sure the system is secure.

Understanding the opportunities leads you to success

Throughout the years, there have been many startups and companies subsidizing the price of the PIMS in order to obtain the data (using the “no clear regulations” excuse for using the data still owned by their clients)

As the industry grows, the regulations will be helpful in mitigating the risks. However, we believe there should be a powerful alignment between the interests of the vets and the interests of the PIMS providers. Every feature should be created in order to enable veterinarians to help their patients more.

The reality is that veterinarians do have huge amounts of data that can be leveraged. (This is by no means an excuse for someone to make use of the data that one doesn’t own.)

We consider it to be an opportunity for the vets to start putting the data they own to work with the help of a partner that has aligned goals.

Digitail’s mission is to help veterinarians make sense of the data they have, find better ways of getting more insights and (real-time) medical data, and, together with the client, use that data to help prevent and proactively maintain the health of the pet, even when they are not at the clinic.

A single software to achieve
more with less work

Digitail is the all-in-one cloud platform that allows you to run your entire practice with one single tool. We are your trusted partner to enhance patient engagement, streamline your processes, and grow your practice.