Flowboard – A visual journey to efficiency

Join our webinar on Wednesday 09/28 12:30PM EDT / 4:30PM UTC!

The efficient operation of your veterinary business is dependent on its workflow. Some small inefficiencies might cause the entire day to be off, costing more money and upsetting clients. Join us to learn how to identify the bottlenecks in your workflow and how to fix them!

What we’ll cover 📌

Managing an end-to-end clinic workflow

Team communication and collaboration

Reducing waiting and visit time

Business reports – identifying and fixing bottlenecks

Take advantage of the Flowboard in order to have a clear overview of what is happening in the clinic in real time. Making sure your team is in sync and always aware of the next steps, decreases both the time a patient spends in the clinic and the stress of the team handling the cases.

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Speakers 🎤

Amanda Morris has been a registered veterinary technician for the last 13 years and had various roles within the veterinary industry. Her professional history includes practicing GP and specialty medicine, teaching new technicians and veterinarians in academia, and leading veterinary software onboarding and implementation projects.

Mira Popa has been working as an emergency veterinarian before joining the Client Care Team at Digitail. With a perfect combination between veterinary medicine and technology, she is able to help animal hospitals improve their workflows, be more efficient and provide a great client experience.

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