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Why Retention Should Be Your Biggest Focus Right Now

Retention is a hot topic in vet med right now, and rightfully so.

It can be a huge cost centre for your practice & can harm your employees’ experience.

Join the hound & Digitail team as we talk through tactical ways you can increase retention, and get a look & exclusive lifetime discount on hound’s new culture & retention software, rally!

Join us Wednesday, April 5th at 3pm EDT for a FREE webinar where we’ll cover:

  • why you should care about retention
  • how to calculate your turnover rate
  • how to improve staff retention

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About our Guest Speaker 🎤

Austin Huff, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Austin Huff, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer

With over 10 years of experience in veterinary, software & venture capital, Austin has extensive knowledge in customer experience, support, & sales motions. As hound’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO), he’s the one we look to for a deep understanding in customer behavior, feature adoption & education, and delivering creative solutions to marketplace needs.

Come away with an understanding of ⤵️

What role does retention play in your customer experience?

💡 companies with highly engaged employees score 81% higher in terms of customer satisfaction than their competitors.

How to engage your staff.

💡 Companies with low engagement turnover rates are 18% to 43% higher than those with high engagement.

The cost of burnout

💡 For veterinarians, the median industry cost of burnout attributable to turnover is ~ $928 million.

💡 For technicians, the median industry cost of burnout attributable to turnover is ~ $933 million.

That’s almost 2 BILLION across the industry.

A simple equation to calculate the turnover rate at your practice

Find out the 3 keys to unlocking stellar staff retention ✨

🔑 Compensation

Learn how to stay competitive and compensate your people well.

Find out what benefits other industry leaders are offering.

🔑 Togetherness

Learn 3 ways to foster better togetherness and, in turn, better retention.

🔑 Growth

They best ways to empower your team to grow in their roles.

Poor retention doesn’t just hit your bottom line 📉 it affects your culture, team satisfaction, and client experience.

It’s time to start being proactive with your retention efforts 🤔