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Tips to increase revenue from blood work in your veterinary practice

All veterinary professionals understand the importance of client education and the importance of better revenue. So, it’s always useful to know some tips to increase revenue coming from blood work in your veterinary practice.

Pet parents who understand the why behind every procedure and blood test might translate into happier, healthier pets and 😻 happier clients.

And, as vets, that’s what we most desire. But we cannot live, and we cannot pay employees just by thanking them or just by acknowledging the number of best outcomes for pets entering our practice.

That’s how we get to revenue. It is important so that we can keep moving forward.

One of the ways to increase revenue is by doing 💉 blood work for our patients.

Providing superior, consistent service is essential to thriving in today’s healthcare environment, but it is often easier said than done.

So, here are a few tips to increase revenue coming from blood work in your veterinary practice:

😻 Promote your blood work services online

It has become essential to have an online presence in the times when almost everyone owns a smartphone. Promoting your services online means you inform your clients better – not only about the services you offer but also about prices, maybe some discounts, etc.

Using your online presence for client education as well as for promoting services improves compliance, along with revenue.

🐶 Be sure you explain the difference between early-detection screens and sick patient workups

Early detection screens can be addressed to also apparently healthy patients and we, as vets, understand that the early discovery of an illness oftentimes means a prolonged and a better quality of life.

Keep in mind that pet parents understand better the need for an early detection screen if you correlate it with human medicine.

In human medicine, it is a thing of habit to have blood work done on a yearly basis even if you don’t show signs of illness.

💻 Use practice management software for keeping patient records

PMS which eases patient registration and also increases efficiency in terms of front office operations is essential for improving the customer experience and client retention.

Also, using a PMS for your patient’s blood work helps you with:

🐱 Use age analogy charts

Use age analogy to help pet parents better understand the needs of their pets. Understanding that their furry baby ages faster than them means they will better comprehend the importance of an early detection screen. I first saw this kind of analogy chart while studying veterinary medicine and I remember seeing lots o pet parents interested in this kind of information.

Client education actually works so let’s use this to improve our veterinary clinic revenue and, more importantly, to improve client experience and our patient’s health.