The Woof Doctor on Wheels and Digitail: Partners in High-Tech Mobile Vet Care

In 2020, Dr. Douglas Cifranick introduced his innovative 26-foot mobile veterinary clinic, the Woof Doctor on Wheels. Rolling through South Carolina, he and his team have delivered quality veterinary care to pets at their doorsteps. But what sets him apart? It’s his collaboration with Digitail, which supports his unique tech-forward approach, that continues to take his service to new heights.

Modern Vet Care on the Move
woofdoctor on wheels mobile vet clinic van

Dr. Cifranick’s forward-thinking approach involved adopting cloud-based veterinary management software. He realized the traditional server-based systems were hindering progress, especially for a mobile practice that needed seamless accessibility.

Searching for Best Cloud Based Veterinary Management Software, he found Digitail in June 2020.

He wanted a personal feel, something designed with vets in mind, not just for giant practices. Digitail was still in its early days, but it promised growth and adaptability, key factors for the modern veterinarian.

Why Digitail?

Designed with the pulse of the veterinary field at its core, Digitail’s cloud-based software isn’t just a tool; it’s an extension of the modern vet’s instincts. Understanding the fast-paced, evolving needs of veterinary professionals, the Digitail team has crafted a solution that feels as natural as a well-trained sense of intuition

1. Speed and Accessibility

Even in remote areas, Digitail’s system runs fast. The ability to access data on the go has been priceless for Dr. Cifranick. Digitail provides Woof Doctor consistent and fast access to his database, even in remote locations with limited connectivity. Digitail ensures uninterrupted work for the team. His team is now empowered to provide care on opposite sides of the city.

“The ability to have constant access has been priceless to me.”

2. Collaboration

technician performing an ultrasound

With the seamless integration of various tools, including Textblaze, the Woof Doctor team can quickly enter SOAP notes, upload images, and share vital information. Digitail facilitates seamless communication and documentation between the vet and the separate mobile technician team. Dr. Cifranik can focus on emergency patients and new clients. The tech team takes on follow-ups, tech appts, and non-emergency urgent cases. Together, they’re providing the best possible care.

With Digitail, Dr. Cifranick is increasing his reach without increasing his veterinary footprint.

3. The Pet’s Health Card

All crucial information is easily accessible right from the start, from reminders to appointment notes, enhancing efficiency.

“Favorite things – the new health card, having access to all of the information right in front of you. It’s a nice access hub, easy to see on the fly quickly,” says Dr. Cifranick.

4. User-Friendly and Adaptable

The Digitail interface isn’t just user-friendly; it’s user-empowering. With a design that mirrors the logical flow of veterinary work, it encourages quick adoption among staff, turning first-time users into confident navigators. It’s about more than getting from point A to B; it’s about enjoying the journey.

The system’s adaptability ensures that as your practice evolves, so does your software. It’s not just about meeting current needs; it’s about anticipating the future.

When using Digitail, you’ll notice that things just make sense. Buttons are where you expect them to be, functions behave as you predict, and processes flow smoothly. It’s like reading a book in your native language – comfortable and clear.

Training and Onboarding with Digitail

Training and Onboarding with Digitail

The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation, making it an effective tool for new staff. Our educational resources and support teams are always available, ensuring that the learning curve is not a barrier but a gateway to efficiency.

To read more about Woof Doctors’ experience onboarding, follow the link HERE.

The Woof Doctor on Wheels has two technician teams and a remote practice manager, all collaborating from wherever they are—sharing images, recording audio, and uploading files all within Digitail.

The result? The ability to handle an extra six to seven patients a day, more revenue, and improved client retention. This tech-forward strategy has increased their reach without expanding the veterinary footprint.

Impact on Business and Pet Care
technician and veterinary mobile unit

Dr. Cifranick’s collaboration with Digitail has shown:

Increased Patient Reach: Dr. Cifranick and his technicians can now attend six to seven additional appointments daily. Tech appointments cover non-emergency needs, freeing him to focus on surgeries and urgent matters.

Enhanced Client Retention: The ability to provide urgent non-emergency treatments on-site instead of referring them to emergency clinics has led to increased client satisfaction and revenue.

Empowering Technicians: Tools and technology like Digitail allow technicians to become more efficient, handle a broader range of tasks, and contribute more to the practice.

“We’re using Digitail to scale. It increases my reach without increasing my veterinary footprint. I can take on new clients or spend my time with sicker clients that do need my attention instead of having to send them to an ER. Helps revenue and client retention.”

Increased Efficiency and Collaboration

Digitail doesn’t just fit into your workflow; it enhances it. Integration with existing systems and compatibility with various devices makes it a versatile partner in veterinary care. It’s not just software; it’s a member of your team.

The partnership between Woof Doctor on Wheels and Digitail continues to grow and adapt to the changing market. Constant innovation and a commitment to listening to user feedback keep the system fresh, responsive and aligned with the needs of the veterinary community.

Growth and Innovation

We listen, we learn, and we evolve. Our development cycle involves continuous feedback from the very people using the system daily. Their insights shape our innovations, and their satisfaction drives our success.

Dr. Cifranick’s success story is a testament to how technology can amplify the reach and effectiveness of modern veterinary practices. With its innovative features and client-centric approach, Digitail is proud to support the mission of Woof Doctor on Wheels and others like it.

“There are a bunch of systems out there, but Digitail is constantly stepping up to the plate, innovating, we’re constantly growing and improving. Willing to adapt and change with the customer base. I wanted software that had the vet in mind – that wasn’t worried about large corporate agendas. Digitail was new on the block, but from the start, I was excited by Digitail’s potential. Three years later, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I know there will always be innovation and growth shaped by their users, like me.” Dr. Cifranick

Together, we’re pioneering a new era in veterinary care, where technology is not just a tool but an integral part of a compassionate, efficient, and far-reaching service.

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