Making the Switch: Woof Doctor on Wheels Talks Onboarding with Digitail

Veterinary medicine is evolving, and staying at the forefront means adapting to new technologies. For Dr. Douglas Cifranick of Woof Doctor on Wheels, this meant finding a cloud-based system that not only met his technological needs but also offered an effortless transition for his entire team.

From Server to Cloud: The Search for Accessibility

Dr. Cifranick’s journey began with his struggles with server-based systems. Accessibility was always an issue, leading him to search for a solution that provided both flexibility and reliability. Dr. Cifranick needed a system that could provide flexibility without the hassles tied to traditional server-based solutions. Accessibility and a modern approach were crucial. After doing extensive research, Digitail emerged as the best cloud-based veterinary management software for his practice.

What first caught his attention was not just what Digitail offered but also the promise of what it could become. It was a system designed with modern vets in mind, adapting to the needs of the current market.

The Onboarding Experience

Starting with a new system could be a source of anxiety, especially when dealing with various tech skill levels within a team.

“I remember when I first started with Digitail, I was expecting complex installations and days of data migrations. To my surprise, everything was seamless.”

The Woof Doctor team found the onboarding process was well-structured, intuitive, and backed by guided tutorials. Even those on Dr. Cifranick’s team who were less tech-savvy found the learning curve surprisingly low.

“The transition was seamless. The team adapted quickly, and the support from Digitail was exceptional.”

Continuous Support: A Partnership Beyond Onboarding

Digitail’s support did not stop after the initial setup. Continuous assistance was provided to ensure the smooth running of Woof Doctor on Wheels.

“My technician team often interacts with the system in different environments. Whether it’s a connectivity issue in a remote area or a query about a particular feature, Digitail’s support is always ready to assist.”

Key Advantages of Digitail for the Woof Doctor on Wheels

1. Speed and Accessibility: Even in remote areas, Digitail’s system runs fast. The ability to access data on the go has been priceless for Dr. Cifranick. His team is now empowered to provide care on opposite sides of the city

“Whether in the city or in remote areas, Digitail flies. The ability to have constant access has been priceless to me.”

2. Comprehensive Health Card: Easy access to all essential information, including upcoming reminders and appointment notes.

3. Enhanced Collaboration: With the seamless integration of various tools, including Text Blaze, the Woof Doctor team can quickly enter SOAP notes, upload images, and share vital information.

A Partnership for the Modern Veterinary Practice

Dr Cifranick’s experience with Digitail underscores the importance of ease of use, support, and adaptability in a rapidly changing veterinary landscape. For Woof Doctor on Wheels, the partnership with Digitail was not just about adopting new technology; it was about aligning with a solution that understood and met the specific needs of a modern, mobile clinic.

In a world where the right technology can mean the difference between growth and stagnation, Digitail stands out as a partner that is committed to facilitating seamless transitions and continuous innovation.

With this tech-forward approach, Dr. Cifranick has been able to expand the reach of his mobile clinic, improve client retention, and take on more appointments, all while enjoying a smooth and user-friendly experience with Digitail.

Interested in learning more about how Digitail can transform your veterinary practice? Contact us today and take the first step towards a more efficient and client-centric future for your clinic!