A Veterinary Practice Information Management Software (PIMS) can help you and your team not only survive the veterinary competition but thrive! Veterinary software is built to make veterinarians’ daily jobs easier, quicker, and more effective!

We are here to help you not only by making your daily work easier and more efficient but also by offering business and operational reports that can help you make the right decisions for the growth of your vet practice.

It’s a fact that these benefits are not known enough, but once you start using Digitail, you’ll thank yourself for implementing them!

Let’s talk a little about the benefits of implementing veterinary practice management software like Digitail:

✅ Better Client Communication

Veterinary Practice Management Software can significantly improve the relationship you establish with your clients.

It happened to all of us to have clients who simply forgot about their appointment for the next vaccine, deworming or flea, and tick preventatives. We all tried to remind them about their upcoming appointments and due checks, but we cannot do it all, and when times get busy, it happens for us to forget, too. This is one of the things that Digitail solves for you and your practice –  pet owners receive reminders on their email, phone (SMS), or on a dedicated pet portal (Digitail App). How cool is that?

You won’t have to spend time reminding them about their appointments, and neither will your staff members. Using the chat & video functionality you can also send pre-visit questionnairespost-visit surveys, ask for reviews or answer questions about treatments, recommendations, or other concerns.

✅ Increased Productivity

The fact that the platform can send automatic reminders, means more time for you and your team and that means, more time doing the things you love: taking care of pets! A veterinary PMS can help you automate all the redundant activities and save precious time.

But maybe the most important aspect is that Practice Management Software gives you a structured workflow that your entire team can easily comply with. When everything is in one place, everyone knows where to look for information and what they need to do, and things become much easier!

✅ Centralized Data Storage and Reports

As a practice owner, it is highly important to be able to measure vital data and then take courses of action to work on it. A Veterinary Practice Management Software can store almost any type of data that your practice generates and more than that, it can give you exact reports using this data. With the right information, you can make the right decisions!

✅ Reduced Paperwork

It is now, more important than ever, to stop using paper as much as possible. Not only because we want to protect the environment, but also because it takes so much time having to use pen and paper to write things down in an era when almost anything can be digitalized.

In a veterinary clinic that’s not using a management software, the staff has to spend an absurd amount of time on mundane activities like paperwork and will not be able to establish the main objective of the practice. The information written on paper can easily be lost or tampered and when we talk about health records, accurate, easily accessible information is crucial.

✅ Client Compliance

Having all the information in one place (history of the patient, treatment, blood work, procedures, cost) will make it easier for your clients to understand better what happens with their pet and how their compliance can help the final outcome. With the help of a PMS you can easily share all this information with your clients and even make them easily accessible in a pet portal.