We’re excited to announce an industry-wide survey on artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine! Generously supported by the American Animal Hospital Association, it is designed to capture the perspectives of veterinary professionals regarding AI in the industry. The study will assess the current perceptions, concerns, and applications of this technology in veterinary care and become a guide for the development of AI tools to benefit both practitioners and patients.

As AI is making its strides in every industry, your insights will pave the way for a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities this technology can bring to veterinary medicine. Whether you are a proponent or sceptic of AI, your perspective is crucial to shaping the future of the veterinary practice.

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In recent years, the professional community has been abuzz with discussions and deliberations on artificial intelligence. AI continues making waves across various industries, and many companies are introducing AI-powered tools into veterinary medicine. From voice-to-text and diagnostic imaging to wearable tech and AI assistants, the possibilities seem expansive.

While AI holds the promise of enhancing efficiency throughout the clinic workflow, these opportunities, however, come with a set of limitations and concerns. The potential benefits, such as reducing administrative burdens and improving the client experience, are juxtaposed with worries about accuracy, ethical implications, and the impact on the human-animal bond.

In light of this evolving landscape, we invite you to share your insights and experiences in our survey on AI in veterinary medicine. By participating, you’ll contribute valuable information that will help us better understand the potential of AI adoption in the veterinary field. Let’s explore the nuances together and lay the groundwork for a future where AI complements and enhances the practice of veterinary medicine.