Veterinary United Chooses Digitail to Build a Resilient Future

Veterinary United, an inspiring success story, began as a family business and grew into a leading network of veterinary hospitals in Southeastern Michigan. But their journey wasn’t without its hurdles. The group faced daunting operational challenges, especially as it expanded. The solution? A strategic partnership with Digitail.

Digitail emerged as the solution Veterinary United needed. With its cloud-based, all-in-one features, Digitail streamlines operations and unifies data across the network. But what were the specific challenges, and how exactly did Digitail address them?

The Multi-PIMS Maze

Veterinary United grappled with eight different PIMS, leading to a disjointed operational landscape. This complex setup stymied growth and made staff training a Herculean task.

Digitail provided a unified, cloud-based PIMS, transforming Veterinary United’s operational view. This shift enabled seamless access to real-time data and standardized experiences across all locations.

Enterprise-Level Solutions for Advanced Reporting

Veterinary United’s need for advanced reporting was acute and essential for fostering growth and enhancing decision-making. Digitail responded with an in-house data migration and analytics team, revolutionizing data handling with interactive dashboards and actionable metrics.

Boosting Efficiency for Staff and Veterinarians

Inefficiencies and redundant processes were bottlenecks for Veterinary United’s team. Digitail introduced features like canned treatment plans and a pet parent app, significantly reducing administrative burdens and improving client communication.

Revamping Client Communication

Inconsistent client reminders were a pain point, affecting revenue. Digitail’s integrated reminders, online booking, and text messaging revolutionized client interaction, enhancing experiences and driving revenue.

Embracing Scalable and Future-Ready Technology

The limitations of server-based PIMS were a roadblock for Veterinary United’s growth. Digitail’s solution, scalable and built for the future, included telehealth functionality and the AI-powered assistant, Tails, opening new vistas for care delivery and client value.

The Impact of Digitail

From elevating efficiency to enhancing client experience, the introduction of Digitail has had a transformative impact on Veterinary United in a myriad of ways:

  • Streamlining Clinical Workflows
  • Enhanced Client Communication
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Empowering the Veterinary Team
  • Elevating the Client Experience
  • Building a Community of Care

Looking Ahead:

With Digitail, Veterinary United built a solid foundation to scale its operations further without requiring significant changes or investments in new systems. Unified practice management software successfully addressed the core issues that previously hindered their growth and operational efficiency.

As the group’s journey toward building a cohesive, resilient, and scalable organization with Digitail is still continuing, Veterinary United is well-equipped to embrace the future with confidence, knowing that their patients and clients will receive the best care possible today and for years to come.

But the real magic lies in the specifics – how did these changes manifest in day-to-day operations, and what were the tangible benefits? Dive into our case study to uncover the whole story and learn how Digitail could revolutionize your veterinary practice, too.

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