Digitail Announces Digitail Secure Payments

Say Goodbye to Missed Charges: Digitail Announces Digitail Secure Payments

Powered by Stripe, Digitail Secure Payments transforms the checkout process with an easy and automated way to collect payments, allowing veterinary hospitals to eliminate missed charges and improve client experience

Digitail, an all-in-one cloud-based operating system for veterinary hospitals, announced its partnership with the leading payment processor Stripe and the launch of Digitail Secure Payments. Integrated into the Digitail practice management software, it is a new payment solution that streamlines the billing process and addresses the challenges associated with missed charges, delivering prompt and hassle-free transactions. 

Veterinary hospitals using Digitail Secure Payments can collect payments seamlessly through an integrated terminal on-site or send invoice links via text, email, or the Pet Parent App. Clients can conveniently settle bills through their preferred method anytime, anywhere. This innovative solution ensures error-free payments by automatically sending the correct invoice amount to the terminal, eliminating manual data entry mistakes, incorrect invoice calculations, and payment discrepancies.

“AAHA estimated that due to manual data entry and human errors, veterinary hospitals lose up to 17% of revenue from diagnostic services alone. This financial gap can accumulate to the equivalent of an annual salary for a full-time veterinarian. Furthermore, a consistent pattern of missed charges may erode client trust and satisfaction,”

says Ryan Leech, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Digitail.

“With Digitail Secure Payments, practices can say goodbye to lengthy checkouts and human errors, and say hello to a seamless, efficient, and error-free payment process.” 

Digitail Secure Payments offers flexible pricing options. The Quick Start plan features a simple pay-as-you-go pricing model, with 2.79% + $0.25 per successful card charge and no setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Additionally, veterinary practices can take advantage of custom pricing options by bringing their current statements, with Digitail committed to matching or beating existing rates.

Learn more about Digitail Secure Payments: https://digitail.com/integrations/digitail-secure-payments/