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Pet dental health month – best marketing ideas for veterinary practices

It’s Pet Dental Health Month, the best time to start and educate pet parents about the importance of dental cleaning for their pets’ overall health. Let’s see what are the best dental health marketing ideas for veterinary practices!

But first of all … is this something you should focus on?

Let’s look at the market trends caused by the high prevalence of dental diseases in pets:
-> The global pet oral care market is growing by 6.5% annually.
-> The total pet expenditures in the US grew from $90.5bn in 2018 to $99bn in 2020. According to APPA -February will be a month of high competition for online advertising, so you must get ready to get your clients back and attract new ones!

Here is an in-depth report on the pet oral care products market.

Here are some dental health marketing ideas for veterinary practices

1. Promote them in your clinic

You can make cute posters (like this one here) with pets that already had a dental appointment and dental cleaning and put them on the wall in the waiting area.

💰 Special offers:

  • Dental care plans can include a dental consult every six months, a dental cleaning, or dental care products.
  • Also, you can have discounts for these oral care services or products during the month of February. Some of the vets we had discussions with practice a discount of 10 to 20%.
  • Some other ideas are free training for pet parents on caring for their pets’ teeth at home and a free kit for dental care with each dental cleaning.

📹 Videos – you can explain how pet parents are supposed to brush their pets’ teeth at home, or you can demonstrate on dental models how tartar build-up affects the teeth. Here you have an example from YouTube.

The best way to do this is by playing a video on a monitor in your reception area. People can watch it while they wait for their pet to be seen by a doctor.

👌 Team education – talk to your team and make sure they also promote Pet Dental Health Month.

  • Your receptionist can mention your special offers and discounts, and other team members can talk to pet parents and explain the benefits of dental cleaning.
  • It might be useful to have some flyers ready for people to read while waiting and for them to take home and share with other pet parents.
  • Record a message to your „on-hold message” informing your clients about pet dental health month – if applicable.

2. Promote them online

How can you get to a big number of people if not online?

Here’s what you can do:

📝 Blog posts on dental health and dental disease.

If you don’t have anything related to this subject on your practice’s blog, feel free to share our articles.

We have a few blog posts on bad breath for dogs and cats that you can share with your clients via social media, newsletters, or via our Digitail App–> see here how to do it

📱Social media posts

Here we have a post about Dental Care facts and info about Pet Dental Health Month

Herehere, and here we discussed some dangerous myths when it comes to dental health.

  • You can create some posts of your own promoting your discounts and special offers and also you can post pets that already had their dental cleaning.
  • Engage with your clients by creating a poll about issues related to dental care (e.g., how often do you think you should brush your pets’ teeth?) and see how they react.
  • Or create a contest where you ask them to post a picture of their pet’s smile and offer the winner (with the most likes, for example) a prize: a free dental consultation or a free dental care kit.

💌 Email marketing

Send emails to your customers letting them know that they can make a dental cleaning appointment and get a discount or promote blog posts that emphasize the importance of dental care.

Celebrated every February, National Pet Dental Health Month was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association to highlight how important oral health is to the overall health, happiness, and wellbeing of pets.