Digitail - Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

How Goostrey Lane Vets committed to offering the best pet parent experience with the Digitail App

James Dutfield is on a mission to change the experience pet parents have when visiting the vet.

Together with his team, Katie, Kirsty, Evie, and John, opened Goostery Lane Vets in Goostrey, Cheshire. Being a local independent practice allows them to be flexible to their clients’ needs, having zero ties to large corporate entities.

They strive to offer a more personal, friendly approach to small animal veterinary practice, where owners can make an informed decision on their pet’s wellbeing that fits within their budget.

Reception area with separate cat and dog waiting areas

Modern veterinary clinic with modern tools

As a new start-up, Dr. Dutfield had a clean canvas to design the perfect setup. His vision was to guarantee that all pet parents have a great experience and that his team has the time and right tools to offer that.

Given the amount that vet teams usually spend on phone calls, record keeping, and admin tasks, James knew he needed to find an all-in-one practice management software to streamline all the processes as much as possible. A software that will allow the team to spend their time on clients and patients.

After a thorough search, he picked Digitail because of its ease of use and end-to-end capabilities. One of the team’s favorite features is the Digitail mobile app, created with pet parents in mind. “Clients love it!” said Dr. James.

Working with Digitail

The team implemented the online booking system even before they officially opened! All their clients could register in advance and book appointments directly from their website.

Offering the highest clinical standards is never easy and requires the most modern integrations and features. Using Digitail’s integrations, Dr. James has connected his IDEXX lab, saving him a lot of extra work!

The Goostrey Lane team can now offer their clients a “vet in your pocket experience” and help them even when they are not at the hospital.

Ordering tests is really easy and is working so well. I also like how easy it is to record X-rays from our machine onto Digitail and then be able to show clients.

Dr. James Dutfield

Clients love the entire experience

Clients come all the way from Manchester as they don’t want to see any other vet. Every pet parent appreciates the friendly, calm, and professional environment Goostrey Lane Vets has created and nurtured.


Stunning brand new Vets. James is an absolute diamond to the Vet industry. So knowledgeable and caring. I only trust his opinion. Good or bad situation, he has always been there for us and spot on. Lovely and welcoming at the reception desk. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

We are excited to be part of their story!