How Eco Vets is saving pets and the environment at the same time

Treating pets while helping the environment is not a small feat, but Alex and Elba followed their dream and opened Eco Vets in the heart of Wandsworth Town, a vibrant, pet-loving area.

Even from the start, their brand new practice had to reflect their professional commitment to the best animal care and their convictions about environmental sustainability. They prioritized this and built a truly independent, family-owned, and run veterinary practice.

Together with Peca, their nine months old mini – dachshund, Alex and Elba welcome clients with open arms and recycled plastic toys. 🐶😻

Peca, the Meeter & Greeter
Peca, the Meeter & Greeter

Originally from Spain, both moved to the UK to develop their careers.

Besides being a Veterinary Surgeon, Alex holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. There is a different story for Elba! Following her dream to work with animals, she quit her HR Consultancy job and became the Practice Manager of Eco Vets.

Dr. Alex & Alba, Co-founders
Dr. Alex & Alba, Co-founders

Partnering with Digitail

To be an environmentally friendly clinic, you must be 100% paperless. To be a modern clinic, you must offer your clients a digital experience. Digitail helped Eco Vets achieve both, and even more!

A modern client experience – before, during, and after their visits. With the Digitail app pet parents can book appointments online, send questions through chat and track vital health information.

The Eco Vets team used the app booking even before the practice opened its doors to the public, acquiring the first clients and building its brand.

 They also have a great mobile app where you can schedule all your appointments, have a medical history of your dog, and communicate with them, said one of their recent clients in a Google Maps review.

Commited to being 100% paperless

Every consent form is signed online via the app, every invoice is sent through the app, and every estimate is also sent through the app.

We love that we are able to reduce paper by doing almost everything online or via the app. Just imagine the trees you can save implementing this change!

Elba Losada

Wondering how green are they?

Let’s start with the building!

They used eco-friendly materials, and the front walls are made of glass which is the most sustainable material as it is 100% recyclable and reusable! And guess what! Electric power is highly reduced because of the natural light passing through the walls.

Refuse if you can’t reuse! The outside branding sign has been reused and hand-made with recycled wood. How cool is that?

Their partners have also been carefully chosen:

  • Digitail and its integrations allow them to be truly paperless
  • All the electricity used in the clinic is 100% green
  • Covertus, their medical supplier, is planting a tree for every £250 spent
  • All the working clothes and pet toys are made from recycled plastic bottles

Together with Eco Vets we encourage every clinic to implement at least 2 or 3 of these small changes for a more sustainable future of the veterinary industry!