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How Digitail Helps Streamline Records and Client Communication

Bringing a pet to the clinic is not always easy and, in some cases, even impossible. Thanks to Dr. Patti and Artemis Veterinary, pets in MetroWest Boston can receive the best care in their familiar home environment.

Dr. Patti, owner of Artemis Veterinary
Dr. Patti, owner of Artemis Veterinary

Recently, she started offering in-home pet euthanasia, bringing her 17+ years of experience performing compassionate pet care and euthanasia to pet parents who need to say their goodbyes.

My primary goal with euthanasia is to make an extremely difficult and emotional situation go as smoothly as possible. Of all the moments in a pet’s life, we will always remember their passing. That is why we try to make it a more beautiful and less painful situation as much as we can.

Dr. Patti

Accessing information on the go with Digitail

Pet parents typically seek pet euthanasia when their need is urgent, for instance, on weekends or after hours. Also, they may be unable to find a veterinarian specializing in pet euthanasia, and that will travel to their area to perform it in the home.

When Karen decided she needed a digital tool for her activity, she researched multiple options. She followed the conversations on VIN forum, and after seeing several mentions of Digitail, she was convinced that we are the right software for her workflow.

I love Digitail being web based and paperless. It is also extremely helpful for clients to be able to access their information at anytime through the app.

I would absolutely recommend Digitail to other users.

Dr. Patti

Filling in medical records is the most time-consuming task, but getting them done while on the road is another level of challenge. Using Digitail’s SOAP templates, Dr. Patti’s favorite feature, she considerably reduced the time spent on medical records.

Compassionate care at home

The entire community relies on Dr. Patti’s services. When the sad moment comes in the pet parents’ lives, she is the only option they consider for such a crucial moment.

With Dr. Patti, pet owners have a veterinarian who will perform pet euthanasia with extreme compassion for their pet and their situation and an understanding of their needs, said Marlborough resident Julie McMannus.

She goes above and beyond for her clients and pet patients to meet their needs for medical attention as well as for euthanasia, said one of her recent clients.