Introducing integrated credit card processing that saves your practice time and maximizes revenue

By processing payments in Digitail, your practice will reduce the extra step of using a stand-alone credit card machine. This drives efficiency and reduces human error.

Our cloud-based integration works with multiple payment devices. VetPay has agreed to give our practices one payment terminal at no cost ($500 value). These cloud-based credit card machines allow your practices to take exam room checkouts with a wireless device. Your patients will also digitally sign on the screen, helping your practice become real paperless.

Accept “EVM” chip cards to help combat fraud and stay up to date with accepting Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. When you process your credit cards through Digitail with VetPay, you may now also securely store your clients’ cards on file for future billing in our customer vault. This integration is available only for US-based practices.

There are no upfront or out-of-pocket costs, no hidden fees, and no long-term contract.

Digitail takes any veterinary practice efficiently and painlessly and brings them into the modern era with the most innovative, robust practice management software. Digitail’s cloud-based system allows your practice to operate from any internet-enabled device, whenever and wherever you need it.

No longer need to be concerned about the never-ending costs for paper and pens, folders, and filing cabinets. No more frustrated staff trying to locate records or search for treatment history. No more delays in getting paid for your services in a timely fashion! Digitail and VetPay’s partnership will take your veterinary practice to the next level!

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