Digitail 2023: A Year of Tech, Triumphs, and Transformation

Innovating Veterinary Care, One Less Click at a Time

This year, Digitail solidified its role in shaping modern veterinary practices. Through thoughtful innovation and strategic collaborations, we’ve enhanced the integration of technology in veterinary care, fostering a community where efficiency meets empathy. This approach not only elevates the standard of pet care but also helps to enrich the veterinary profession.

The year began with announcing our $11 million Series A funding round led by Atomico. This boost propelled us to elevate our software, broaden our reach, and share Digitail with an even bigger community of users, trusted by animal hospitals in 40 countries, worldwide.

2023 Product Releases and Features

This past year, Digitail’s huge number (74!) of product releases held our focus on enhancing veterinary practice efficiency and client communication. Automating routine administrative tasks, cutting down your staff’s workload, and letting them focus on what they do best—providing exceptional care.

Patient & Client Management

This year saw many new and improved navigation features further optimize clinic workflows. Releases like Patient Sidebar, Boarding Updates, Notification Center Links and streamlining the addition of new clients and management of patient records.

Appointments and Flowboard

Improved UI/UX design in scheduling, enhanced task management, and automated appointment confirmations.

Medical Records, Billing, and Stock Management

Features like integrated Dental Charting, Bulk Price updates, QR code payment options, and Digitail Secure Payments ensure accurate records and billing, as well as efficient stock management.


This year, the product team brought a series of 10+ new and improved reports, providing comprehensive reporting capabilities.


Also released this year were exciting integrations with Zoetis, Heska, PACS and Care Credit.

Tails your AI Assistant

We introduced Tails, our AI-powered virtual assistant for veterinarians, right in Digitail. Through our group of beta design partners, we have seen Tails’ ability to enhance each step of the patient journey, from prescreening with ‘Tails: AI Patient Intake’, summarising patient histories, aiding in diagnostic and treatment planning, generating effective client communication, and more… with ‘Tails: AI Assistant’, to transcribing and sorting patient records into a SOAP with ‘Tails: AI Dictation’.

“The ‘Tails’ quick SOAP transcription and syncing feature is the most significant update I’ve experienced in any practice management software. It allowed me to complete my notes before the end of a fully booked day! That NEVER happens.” – Dr. Doug Cifranick, Woof Doctor on Wheels

“My team just asked me to fire their Virtual vet scribes. They said Digitail is now better.” – Dr. Cody Creelman, Fen Vet

digitail team

Ruxandra Pui, Digitail’s co-founder, chief product officer, and driving force behind our product development, was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and was also featured in a Her Forward article covering AI innovators transforming their industries.

Ruxandra and her team at Digitail have integrated AI tools into various departments, from coding to marketing. The most significant impact, however, has been in data management, where AI algorithms have substantially improved the accuracy and efficiency of data analysis.

Michael Peres, Her Forward
The Digitail Community

What truly inspires us is our incredible community – a diverse and passionate group committed to revolutionizing veterinary care. In 2023, together, we’ve delved into the latest industry insights, celebrated our most impactful success stories, and fostered a space for learning and growth. Our shared journey has been one of remarkable breakthroughs and invaluable experiences. Let’s dive into the highlights of this amazing year and relive the moments that made us stronger and more connected as a community.

We started off with our groundbreaking AI in Vet Med roundtable, where folks registered for a 60-minute webinar and, instead of ducking out after 30 minutes, stayed engaged for almost 2 hours! We also spent time with you exploring how AI is revolutionizing veterinary medicine.

We brought you valuable information with sessions on Veterinary Staff Retention with Austin Huff from Hound, and Stress Management for Veterinary Well-Being, thanks to Melyssa Allen with Veterinary Well-Being Buddy.

We dug into the Digitail Onboarding experience and being Partners In Mobile Vet Care with The Woof Doctor on Wheels. Exploring how Digitail supports veterinary practices to build resilient, high-tech care solutions.

We also had the opportunity to host a High Tech Webinar with Dr. Douglas Cifranick, where we discussed his vision for pioneering a tech-forward, meaning technology and technician-forward, approach to mobile veterinary care in South Carolina.

We looked at how Veterinary United, a trailblazing group of veterinary hospitals, chose Digitail to build a resilient future, overcome complex challenges, and streamline operations, and how Digitail supported Simmons Vet Clinic in achieving its goals of offering clients exceptional care without the typical operational chaos.

In today’s evolving economy, strategic pricing can make all the difference in maintaining a healthy profit margin. To help veterinary professionals tackle this complex issue, we created a Veterinary Product Pricing Guide.

We unpacked the AAHA Tech Utilization Guidelines and explored how they could be taken even further utilizing AI.

AAHA Tech Utilization Guidelines
We’ve also had the immense privilege of watching our clients grow over these past 12 months.

Today, animal hospitals in 16 countries trust Digitail for efficient workflows and happy clients. Shout-out to Acharavet, Hometown, Fen Vet, VU, and VPP, who continue to push the industry forward with their outside-the-box thinking and dedication to progressing the profession of helping pets and their people.


This year was about making real, in-person connections and also about throwing some unforgettable industry shindigs alongside our peers who are just as passionate about revolutionizing veterinary care.

Some of the standout experiences and learnings from the year came from our time at conferences like VMX, WVC, and AVMA. We dove into mind-opening discussions and panels at events like More Than Medicine, VetForum, and the Veterinary Virtual Care Summit. These talks served as idea incubators that got us all thinking and rethinking.

So, what did we take away from all this?

Here are our top 4 ‘aha’ moments from 2023’s conferences:
  1. The Power of Independence in PIMS – We’re talking about a system that’s all about the clinic and its needs – no strings attached.
  2. Communication is Key – Technology is transforming how clinics and clients talk to each other, helping to make every interaction smoother and also, more meaningful.
  3. Data at the Forefront – Real-time reporting and data aren’t just numbers; they’re the secret ingredients to smart clinic management.
  4. AI: The Future is Here – From automating the mundane to assisting in complex diagnoses, AI is reshaping how we think about vet care and client education.

Looking back at 2023, it’s clear that our partnerships have been a game changer for Digitail. Partnering with organizations like Elephant Aid International, Care Credit, Lucca Vet, Ellie, and Mascotte, isn’t just about expanding our network – it’s about enriching the fabric of veterinary care. Each of these partnerships has brought something unique to the table, pushing us to think differently and innovate more boldly. It’s this kind of collaboration that fuels our journey towards transforming pet care. I’m excited to see the new avenues these partnerships will open up for us in the upcoming year.”

Ryan Leech, Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships, Digitail

In the Press

It has been a standout year for Digitail in the media spotlight. With features in top veterinary and tech publications, we’ve not only made headlines but also sparked conversations about the future of veterinary care. Our innovative approach to pet health management and our commitment to improving the lives of veterinary professionals have been at the forefront of these stories.

We were thrilled to be named among other trailblazers in dvm360’s 5 veterinary companies to watch and predicted upcoming veterinary industry trends to watch in 2024. We discussed the current state of veterinary consolidation in Today’s Veterinary Business.

Digitail co-founder and CEO spoke about his crazy ambition for improving quality of life for pets with How to Web.

It’s been a year where our vision for a better, more connected world of pet care has echoed across the media landscape, solidifying our place as a leader in veterinary software and workflow optimization, with AI at the forefront of the charge to improve and streamline workflows.

We looked at how AI is more than a buzzword with the Veterinarian Success Podcast, the power of AI in vet med with the Veterinarian Innovation Podcast, and the Unleashed Potential of how AI is changing vet med in Today’s Veterinary Business, and were featured in dvm360’s article on how properly harnessing AI could reshape vet care.

AI isn’t about replacing human skills and intuition; it’s about enhancing them. It’s a tool that, when used effectively, can help to reduce administrative burdens and deliver care more easily.

The future of AI is not just bright – it’s revolutionary.

Team Building

This September was a special one for us at Digitail. We packed our bags and headed to the peaceful Mokrin House in Serbia. It wasn’t your typical work retreat. We were there to do some serious thinking – but in a setting that was anything but stuffy and corporate.

Amidst the serene setting and fresh air, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to business. But it wasn’t about ticking boxes or running through agendas. We were there to brainstorm, throw ideas around, and really get creative about how we can make pet care even better.

Through connection and collaboration, we emerged not just with a clearer roadmap but with an even more tightly-knit team ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Digitail Values

One of our most transformative undertakings this year was the launch of the Digitail core values. This year, we set out to define what lies at the heart of Digitail – and we did it with the help of the entire team.

From the depths of Customer Superpassion that drives us to exceed expectations every day to the Caring About Each Other ethos that has us backing each other like the close-knit team we are, each value was shaped by our collective experiences and aspirations. We embraced Ownership with pride, taking responsibility for our work and its impact, while the Growth Mindset has us constantly stretching our limits and aiming higher. Through it all, we are guided by our Higher Purpose – the desire to make a meaningful difference in the world of veterinary care.

This wasn’t just about putting words on a website or posters on a wall. It was about digging deep to find what really drives us and then bringing those discoveries to life in our daily work.

Looking Ahead

Digitail’s journey this year has been about integrating technology into veterinary practices in a way that not only enhances operational efficiency but also enriches the work-life balance of veterinary professionals.

As we progress, the focus remains on leveraging AI and other technological advancements to redefine veterinary care, making it more efficient, client-friendly, and professionally fulfilling.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2024!