Digitail Introduces Upgrades to Its Native AI Assistant, Tails AI

Digitail clients can now enjoy even more efficient workflows and enhanced patient care with AI transcription in multiple languages and smart summarization of phone calls

Digitail, an all-in-one veterinary practice management software, announces exciting upgrades to its native AI Assistant, Tails AI. 

Tails AI Dictation, a native voice-to-text solution for quick SOAP notes, exam summaries, and client communications, now supports multiple languages. Tails AI Dictation can flawlessly transcribe notes and generate discharge instructions or educational materials in the provider’s or client’s preferred language. This removes language barriers, making veterinary care more accessible and client education more effective. For even faster and more efficient note-taking, the recording limit is increased to 20 minutes and can be initiated right from the patient visit card.

In addition, Digitail has introduced smart summarization for phone logs. Tails AI can listen to entire phone calls, transcribe them, and condense the key points into concise communication notes. With this enhancement, all client interactions are recorded and stored in their file for future reference, creating a more complete and comprehensive medical history.

“AI has immense potential to improve workflows in veterinary hospitals, and we are proud to be the only practice management software leveraging AI on this advanced level,” said Sebastian Gabor, CEO of Digitail. “AI translation is truly revolutionary, making veterinary care more inclusive and ensuring that essential information is accessible to a more diverse demographic. We are excited to bring these significant benefits to our clients, helping them enhance communication, increase efficiency, and focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.”

Learn more about the capabilities of Tails AI Dictation, including Record/SOAP Dictation, Dental Chart Dictation, Client Communication Dictation, and Chat Dictation: https://help.digitail.io/en/articles/8684084-tails-ai-dictation.

Tails AI can now listen to your entire phone call, transcribe everything, and summarize in a short communication note

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