Digitail vs. Hippo Manager

Achieve more with fewer clicks and fewer integrations

with the all-in-one veterinary software built for your workflow

Workflows that just make sense, designed with your practice in mind. Say goodbye to workarounds, extra clicks and hidden fees.

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Hippo Manager solutionDigitail all-in-one solution

A design you will actually love ❤️

Unfortunately, all animal hospitals are experiencing staff turnover. That’s why we made it easy for new team members to be onboarded in no time.

Digitail was built to be easy to use even for someone who did not go through the training process.

Easy to understand, no need for manuals, and no more extra clicks.

All-in-one platform☝️

Copying/moving/syncing info from one tool to another should not be part of your daily tasks.

All the features you need are natively built in Digitail. No extra 3rd party tools or subscriptions required.

Pet portal, automated reminders, 2 way chat, telemedicine, online booking system, dedicated learning center, internal chat, and many more features to help you enhance the pet parent experience.

Advanced, aggregated reporting 📈

What’s your average visit time or what are your top performing services? Have you update markups according to cost increases? Have you ever wondered if new clients that are coming from Facebook spend more if clients that find you on Yelp? Track and understand your data, with real-time insights. We help you set KPIs and monitor them.

From financial and operational reports to client and medical reports, you can access everything from one place or get daily / weekly summaries via email.

The Helpful Vet
Dr. Fred

Why are animal hospitals choosing Digitail over Hippo Manager?

💻 Reliable software, that just works

straight-forward workflows, fast check-in / check-out process

find clients / patients and update profiles easily (without adding new charts)

✓ assign and keep track of who’s working on the records

✓ piece of mind with reliable, native automatic reminders

❤️ Intuitive & user-friendly design

✓ easy to understand & use

✓ edit/correct everything without all the workarounds

✓ search and find exactly what you are looking for

✓ simple down-payments, split payments and consolidated invoices

☝️ All-in-one, no need for extra subscriptions

✓ modern client communication tools built natively in Digitail

✓ customizable forms and SOAP templates you can create in no time

✓ easy inventory management (including Vetcove integration)

✓ automatic invoicing, canned estimates & integrated payment processor

🏥 Growth & support at scale

✓ all the advanced functionality you need as you grow your practice

✓ easy multi-location setup & fast onboarding

✓ advanced reporting and KPI tracking (+ aggregated multi-location reporting)

✓ dedicated support team that wants you to succeed

It’s time to demand more from your Practice Management System

Changing is not easy, but compromising is harder

Every practice is different. You will get a personalized implementation plan to fit your needs and make sure you’ll have the best transition to Digitail. From data migration (ensuring a correct data migration and also cleaning the old data), staff training (getting the entire team ready for the go-live day), and post go-live help (recurrent meetings with your dedicated customer success representative), we’ve got you covered!

We took Digitail to the next level when it comes to workflow efficiency, pet parent communication & experience, and friendly design, and we’d love to show you around! Check all our features here 👉

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